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    Re: T10 Holy Set Bonuses

    Quote Originally Posted by Bigslick
    Agreed on the prayer. I was thinking more in terms of setting the stage for faster GH.
    This is true. Alot of people tend to go "omg I need serendipity to raid heal" which couldn't be furhter from the truth. Take a look at a fight like Hodir, Twin Valks, Anub'arak. With the exception of the first hit from Frozen Blows, tell me in any of these encounters, while raid damage is going out, where it's "faster and higher healing". It's not. That's where knowledge of the encounter and general haste mitigate this greater than Serendipity ever will. But that's okay.
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    Re: T10 Holy Set Bonuses

    Quote Originally Posted by [-Spiritus-
    Its the hesitation factor. I wouldn't know if the proc happens until after it happens. I just will not hesitate casting w/e my next spell was to recognize the proc has occurred. If I cast CoH, and my next 2 spells would have been PoH followed by ProM... thats still what I'm going to do... because its what works the best. I'm not going to cancel cast my PoH cause I got the CoH proc, to then cast FH (SoL or not, makes no difference on time), to then cast CoH again. and If I'm casting PoH after CoH, I might as well cast ProM after that because the amount of time saved on CoH will just not be enough to warrant the GCD, as ProM is more important than a 1sec faster CoH.

    As a healer, your already processing a crap load of information... and making decisions 3GCDs in advance, all while interrupting that sequence if the tank takes a big hit, someone getting stunned in fire, etc. What is not needed is another "what if" thrown in the mix... especially one that must be used immediately in order for it to have any meaningful effect.

    Is it an improvement over the 1st iteration? Yes. Would I still rather have a flat reduction, or the CoH or Penance itself causing the reset? Absolutely. Just give me something that is a straight benefit, not something that requires you to do something else that may or may not be the best option in order for my "WotlK ultimate 4pc" to work efficiently.
    I get what you're saying, I'm thinking our play styles are differing quite a bit.

    From my experience, I'll most likely be Flash Healing right after a CoH or Penance (more so after Penance but I think we're more talking about CoH and raid healing) so this set bonus feels like it will "naturally" happen for me very often.

    Maybe it's the other healers I play with, but a second PoH after CoH+PoH just isn't the right move on most fights because by time I cast my first CoH+PoH, the 10 people that are still damaged are spread across 5 groups and a Flash Heal or 2 is the best move besides a smart heal like CoH, which will be right back up after that spot Flash Heal.

    Yes, sometimes (and many times on certain fights) I have at least 3 people damaged in a single group and I can cast PoH more than once after a CoH, but I just see damage that is sooo spread out that Flash Healing is 99% of the time what I do either immediately or very soon (definitely within the 6 second window) after a CoH.

    I don't know if I'm explaining myself clearly, it sounds so right in my head haha, do you get what I'm saying? Lol, does anyone, haha?

    Quote Originally Posted by nikkita
    4 part bonus;
    Holy; I get what's the general idea that was aimed for here. I just don't like going CoH - Flash - CoH. I like to threw afew renews, i like to prom around, i wouldn't even mind throwing a hastened Gheal on tanks to help cause MT healer died and is waiting for a ress. I like to throw my GS and a SoL on the GS'ed target. I don't like massive use of CoH i find the spell not so interesting.
    What you're describing is what you do "overall". CoH is a situational spell for a particular situation. So when that situation arises, being able to use the best spell for that situation twice is amazing. Even if you wanted to do 1 or 2 other things like PoM and a Renew after the CoH, you can, probably will, and probably should Flash Heal within that 6 second window after the initial CoH.

    If you have a bunch of really hurt people spread across multiple groups, you shouldn't be doing most of what you said, you should be CoH'ing if it's up, and with that said...

    Flash Heal and CoH go hand in hand in my mind. They are both spells you use when you have 10 people hurt and they are spread across all the groups (Of course PoM can be used here often also but that doesn't change anything) instead of 1 group (a PoH situation). So like I said above, Flash Heal is naturally what I do when CoHing due to the circumstances of the damage being spread out and even if a PoM wants to fit in there, there is plenty of time and the proc WILL be used soon after in most situations.

    Of course there will be times where the damage ISN'T spread out and I will go CoH+PoH+PoH, and the proc is gone, but I feel I have been able to do that on a minority of fights.

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    Re: T10 Holy Set Bonuses

    And just when we thought they couldn't nerf it...

    These things really DO suck...

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