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    A helping hand on gear choice plox

    So despite having the same toon forever i still dont understand the mechanics of some skills that well.

    My question is right now i have 4pc set bonus t8 not including my shoulders (got 245 triumph ones). My gloves are t8 and my headpiece is 8.5. Should i loose the 4 set bonus to upgrade to either 1 of 2 things.

    1) 226 gloves from badges
    2) 245 helm from triumph

    Im a very casual player so hoping ill get something in a pug is kinda a far shot. is it worth dropping the badges for those, or should i just save up and maybe get 2/5 conq as prot?
    My armory if u wanna critique my spec as well, i think i need work on that.
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    Re: A helping hand on gear choice plox


    Use it. Love it. It will make all of these decisions much easier.

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