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    Need a small bit of advice

    first off http://www.wowarmory.com/character-s...ak&n=Korthelle

    Is it worth enchanting bracers and hands with AP over the expertise? A lot of people say dont gem or chant for expertise; and i get the gemming part, but is the enchanting part really worth it?

    ultimately im trying to snag bloodbath girdle and/or boneshatter bracers so it wont be an issue long term; but short term, i dont honestly know which way to lean. EXP enchants or AP enchants?

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    Re: Need a small bit of advice

    I imported your toon from the armory into Rawr. www.codeplex.com/rawr

    According to Rawr, your glove expertise enchant is worth 20.6 DPS and the Crusher enchant would be worth 34.57 DPS. Your bracer expertise enchant is worth 20.6 DPS while Greater Assault would be 39.28 DPS.

    Being expertise capped is nice. It's not always the highest output option available though.

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