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    any/all tanking advice

    hey, ive been a tank for a long time on my warrior and currenty setting up a bear tank. any and all advice is welcome from basic gear/rotation stuff to complicated specific strats for raid bosses.

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    Re: any/all tanking advice

    Read the sticky. But because i'm such a nice person, i'll tell you in my own words. Rotation should be maul all the time, mangle when off CD, once lacerate is stacked, only use it to refresh, swipe creates more threat. When mangles on CD, use FFF if avaliable. For gemming, just gem a mixture of agility/stamina, which ever you preffer. As far as strats for raid bosses, I assume you're talking about what druids do differently to warriors when tanking bosses and it's basicaly the same, just different cool down usage.

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    Re: any/all tanking advice

    Why oh why, do we make a Bear thread...
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    Re: any/all tanking advice

    Assign your mangle, maul, swipe, and lacerate to keys and play them like a piano. Bear tanking is lame, imho. But to each his own.
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    Re: any/all tanking advice

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