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    PvP disc - when to renew

    Hello there! I'm playing disc PvP for around 2 months now. Currently sitting on 2.4 k mmr pri rog. I have a question tho, when exactly do you use renew. I find it to be quite hard to use renew over pws, pom, penance or flash heal.

    The only time I find it to be useful is when my rogue has opened, is on 100% and has pws on. I then use renew instead of pom because pom might proc when my rogue is on 99%, causing a waste. What do you think about this?

    Please tell me all the ways to use it correctly. I'm a geek if it's about playing something well.


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    Re: PvP disc - when to renew

    I find it usefull to pre cast it versus high burst dmg inc like rogue-mage,rogue-lock (and others) where the healing it might gives is always an extra second to live.Also when I ask to be pilled off I full my partner and pop a renew at him then run far away.I personally try to avoid it but in some cases (like above) is kinda useful I guess

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    Re: PvP disc - when to renew

    I usually almost always keep it up. Depending on the situation.

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