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    Re: Can a Crit "Crit" ?

    Quote Originally Posted by Lokken
    Well i don't really know what happened. But i had an unbelievable 160k+ crit on Razuvious with Icy Touch the other week in Naxx. It just bugged and I one shotted one of Razuv's adds.

    Check out my raidchat on the left side of my screen.
    Snazzy UI addon you have, there. What's it called?

    I was going to inject a 'Do heals crit'?' question into the topic, but meh.
    A voice replied...

    "Not by the hair on my Wrynny chin chin."

    And then Varian Chintercepted Garrosh's cast, then sliced the orcs head off. 24 hours later he was found riding Deathwing over Orgrimmar, burning the city to the ground, laughing maniacally.

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    Re: Can a Crit "Crit" ?

    My minimap addon is SexyMap. A lot of amazing skins. Not sure if they all came with the one DL, or if they were added in a pack.

    Here, i'll even give you a link. It's up on curse, not on wowinterface

    Edit: I set up my whole UI myself. Didn't download a compilation or suite. Pitbull for unitframes, dominos for bars, Sunn-Viewport Art at the bottom, and a ton of others just for small things.

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    Re: Can a Crit "Crit" ?

    This got me thinking about when VE used to be able to crit heal, so you'd get some really big heals off a crit Mind Blast.

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    Re: Can a Crit "Crit" ?

    Quote Originally Posted by Shibba
    can a crit crit?
    can a crit crit crit?

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