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    Disc priest checkup and some questions

    Hi fellow priests !

    I recently fell in love again with my priest , I used to be holy in TBC and then I switched classes ( Paladin ) But recently I
    Lvl'ed my priest to 80 and went disc and I must say I am loving it.
    Although I have some notes

    I did a few pugs already and they were always complaining about my healing that's it to low
    Although I don't think so if I look at recount myself my healing is indeed on the low side but my overhealing done is also on the low side whilst other healers are skyrocketed in overhealing , So I think that I am an efficient healer and not spamming heals when it's not needed to get on top of healing list. My mana regen is atm just fine but I still want some more exp disc priest to check out my current gear and stats and to see what to change and not....


    I am stacking up atm as much int as I can since I noticed it provides more regen then spirit

    So what should I change or keep
    I am open to suggestions
    Also how well would my current gear work for respeccing to holy ?
    As for shadow I have a set with hit raiting

    Any thoughts and comments are welcome

    Regards xbooze

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    Re: Disc priest checkup and some questions

    Disc priest healing always looks low on recount, because recount doesn't track absorbs. Disc priests mitigate a ton of damage through PW:S and Divine Aegis(On my priest alt, which is disc, if i'm pushing 2-2.5 hps on recount, i get about 800-1k additional 'hps' through absorbs). For a rough guess of what your shielding is providing, get RecountGuessedAbsorbs. Its an addon for recount that adds another options and lets you view absorbs. For a better estimate of your actual contribution, log the combat and upload it to WorldOfLogs.

    Spec is good. You should pick up Glyph of PW:S as thats free healing. I would recommend replacing the PoH glyph unless you raid heal as disc a lot.
    Gear/gems/enchants are fine, but personally i use Tuskarr's Vitality to boots, as the 18 spirit only nets you 6ish mp5 as disc, and that run speed increase is very helpful for some encounters.

    Thats pretty much it, except to tell people healing meters don't mean anything if they don't know how to use them properly.

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    Re: Disc priest checkup and some questions

    Anyone who is bitching at you about Healing Meters is usually an idiot. Tell them to shut up. If they still bitch, get Guessed Absorbs for Recount. It will show rough figures for your PW:S and Divine Aegis, link them that. Then watch them hastily back track.

    Intellect will be your best bet until you are in the 22,000ish range for unbuffed mana. You can also enchant for some Haste if you want.

    Once you are finishing Raid encounters, notice Raid not Heroics, with mana left then you can start gemming for Spell Power.

    Can't view your spec/gear as I'm on my phone, but I'll have a look later.

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    Re: Disc priest checkup and some questions

    Thaak my thoughts exactly !
    Well I am sometimes forced to help in raidhealing so so glyph of PoH comes in quite handy

    Ironfoot atm I am at 23k mana unbuffed and I only gem SP & int gems
    as for my cloak enchant I see at the moment that mana isn't an issue but should I go for the random SP procs ( the one I have now ) or go for the one that provides 400 mana occasionally ?

    Now on the otherside yesterday I did pvp once me and a retri pala were the only survivors but
    I couldn't get him down and he couldn't get me down the fight took us 30 mins before we gave up
    I logged on my other account and whispered the dude on his realm that we should call it that there is no end coming to it
    I was most of the time at full mana , I feared , put dots , smite , holy fire ,shadow fiend , etc.. but couldn't get him down and neither could he
    any suggestions on how to improve it ?


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    Re: Disc priest checkup and some questions

    your meta is wrong, you should go for the crit-chanse to restorem mana, chaotic or something. and PW:S glyph is a must imo. and your crit is alittle low.

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    Re: Disc priest checkup and some questions

    Right, I've had a chance to look at your gear and spec now.

    Spec: Seems fine. It's identical to mine, except you have 5 points in Divine Fury and I have them in Spell Warding. That's mainly a matter of personal choice, so I'll leave that up to you.

    Gear: Not bad at all. Most is decent gear and you shouldn't have problems healing most content. When you start getting onto higher stuff you will want to start changing out your iLevel 200 stuff to 219 minimum. Also you might want to change the Darkmood Card: Illusion, but again that's personal preference. I always find that "On Use" trinkets aren't as good as passive one's, but again that's my opinion.

    Also as someone else mentioned you could change your meta gem, I prefer the IED for the extra crit and chance to restore mana.

    Edit: Forgot to mention, change your Glyph of Prayer of Healing for the Power Word: Shield one, it will serve you a lot better as a Disc Priest.

    Also your last minor Glyph should be Shadowfiend.

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    Re: Disc priest checkup and some questions

    OMGG WHEN WILL THE STUPIDITY END?!?! Not you, the people talking crap about you. My post may be a tiny bit long but it covers all the points, please refer the people talking crap about you to this post and this thread in general. I just can't stand hearing about people switching from Discipline because of UNCALLED FOR pressure from the community based on a HUGE LACK OF KNOWLEDGE!! It's blasphemy...

    Discipline priests are not meant to be high on the healing meters. Healing meters also do NOT MEAN JACK SHIT WHEN IT COMES TO MEASURING HOW WELL SOMEONE IS HEALING. The person in 1st on the meter could very well be THE WORST HEALER IN ALL OF WARCRAFT! Unless people around YOU are dying, then the meter cannot possibly show how AWESOME you are really doing and just how HUGE of a help you are to the raid as Discipline...HUGE.

    To be brutally honest, there are many fights if played well by a hardcore professional Discipline priest that knows the ins and outs of his spec 110%, he will be doing more "healing" (i.e - absorption+healing) than the other healers by A LOT!

    The things Discipline bring to a raid are LIFE SAVING. We are a GIANT BUFFER that PREVENTS death. We effectively raise the HP of the raid with PW:S, Divine Aegis, Renewed Hope, and Inspiration which in many cases is BETTER than healing. It allows people to take more hits before becoming critical, which in turn makes the job of the OTHER healers much EASIER on them.

    Then of course you have Power Infusion and Pain Suppression which can each be used multiple times per fight and are AMAZING utility which can either make you a BEAST healing machine or increase the DPS of the raid by a SIGNIFICANT amount and save people's lives.

    We are also UNMATCHED at healing SPIKE DAMAGE. A Pally may be able to out heal us on sustained healing but we can bring someone from 1 HP to full extremely quickly.

    What we excel at is healing spike damage on people+tank while sprinkling PW:S around. We kind of do a little of everything, raid+tank at the same time, and our tools are so versatile and quick it makes doing that the best job for us.

    Whoever says anything negative about your performance based PURELY on what they see on a meter, call them an IDIOT, direct them to this thread, and tell them to LEARN SOMETHING ABOUT THE SPEC BEFORE OPENING THEIR RETARDED MOUTH.

    Then again, it's possible you aren't a good Discipline Priest, no offense at all, but if you are new to it, I think the spec takes a certain style of play that most normal healers aren't used to, so you may not be using your tool set to 100% potential. Then again, you could be the best, I'm just trying to say it's not the spec, Discipline is in fine shape, it's amazingly useful and a great contribution to raid progression.

    Also, I always use this little gem when defending myself...almost every world first kill you read about on MMOchampion has had a Discipline Priest in the raid. We are awesome, there is not much wrong with us, if anything...

    EDIT about his Meta *** There is absolutely nothing wrong with his Meta as long as mana is a non issue. It's the 2nd best Meta when you need mana regen, the 1st when you don't, and when you hit a certain amount of INT, it's the best no matter what (that amount of INT is REALLY high, but it still stands that this meta scales very well)

    TLR - Please read it, I love Discipline and would like to know if anyone agrees disagrees with my points or has anything to add, thank you

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    Re: Disc priest checkup and some questions

    Quote Originally Posted by G l o w y r m
    EDIT about his Meta *** There is absolutely nothing wrong with his Meta as long as mana is a non issue. It's the 2nd best Meta when you need mana regen, the 1st when you don't, and when you hit a certain amount of INT, it's the best no matter what (that amount of INT is REALLY high, but it still stands that this meta scales very well)
    I haven't had to use my mana cooldowns regularly since mid Naxx gear level. If mana is a non issue, then the 25 sp/2% meta is MUCH better than 21 int and a semi-useless mana regen proc. At 1100 int, 2% is 22, so they start to even out as far as int right there and at around 1800 (my current raid buffed int), it's worth 35 ish int. That means it's 25sp and 14 int vs approx 60mp5 when mana is no longer an issue at all.

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    Re: Disc priest checkup and some questions

    I made a macro covering what we discos do in raids

    Makes people shut up

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    Re: Disc priest checkup and some questions

    Quote Originally Posted by Haxxer
    I made a macro covering what we discos do in raids

    Makes people shut up
    Which is amazing. Because I've never had anyone complain about disc healing. First early on when I started someone commented, but I quickly corrected them on the fact that a major part of our contribution wasn't shown on traditional healing meters. It's honestly not as big a deal as a lot of people make out. Guilds and groups that you want to raid with, already understand the strengths of discipline. It's the uninformed masses who are still dying in Naxx 25 that are likely the ones who are going to give a healer hell. Anyone who is running with someone who is telling them the kind of things that are being said in this thread should simply find new people to raid with.

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    Re: Disc priest checkup and some questions

    Are the people dying? No? Then tell them to stfu. (I don't play disco but I know how amazing they can be)

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