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    Re: Aura ideas in 4.0

    for PVE those could be nice, but for pvp balance they will not happen. or at least not as it is. Even if it does cost 2 globals to do it. No way will paladins get a sprint that isnt rocket boots.
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    Re: Aura ideas in 4.0

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    Re: Aura ideas in 4.0

    I like your ideas, but i think having Aura mastery would make it a little shakey, if they replaced Aura mastery with something more useful then fair enough.

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    I am still giggling from this, i love it
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    Re: Aura ideas in 4.0

    Quote Originally Posted by VersionX
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    Re: Aura ideas in 4.0

    Quote Originally Posted by VersionX
    you win. i really laughed.

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    Re: Aura ideas in 4.0

    Seeing all of them I think it could be a good Active Talent for Protection and/or Retribution because Aura Mastery is in Holy

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    Re: Aura ideas in 4.0

    <3 Combine the ace through 4 of kings to complete this buff.

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    Re: Aura ideas in 4.0

    Quote Originally Posted by VersionX
    So much win here.

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    Re: Aura ideas in 4.0

    Quote Originally Posted by VersionX

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    Re: Aura ideas in 4.0

    im going to have to agree with some people that current auras blow. Ret aura = minimal damage in PvE. its like .001% threat increase for the tank. Devo aura's damage mitigation is really not all that important (though it does help). Conc aura is only useful in conjunction with aura mastery (i pop this when i get a snobold on me, or during faction champs). Crusader aura is GREAT for raids... wait... Resist auras are actually awesome/useful. I usually get the job of using these over shaman totems because of aura mastery.

    So to summarize: Resist fights i use resistance auras. On 2-3 specific fights i use conc aura. and on the rest, assuming youve got another pally in the raid, it doesnt really matter what you use.

    I almost feel like the imp auras should be deeper in the trees and a lot more OP and restrict them to one aura. The way it stands now is that imp auras are now, the +to the aura seems lame, and the any aura benefit is the actual useful part. imp conc aura should be like "Your concentration aura also increases your healing done by 5% and also increases healing done by everyone affected by your aura by 2%. Also increases healing done in other auras by .5%"
    Numbers not specific or calculated. But it makes holy pallies want to use conc aura (which is clearly the aura they want us using). Put imp devo further down to prevent pvp'ers from getting it and then make it "While in devotion aura you take 5% less damage and reduces damage taken by affected group members by 2%". These sort of things. Either give roles specific auras (significantly more defined than they are now), or make them more fun/interactive(like stance dancing used to be).

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    Re: Aura ideas in 4.0

    Quote Originally Posted by Nexus2089
    I hate to be the guy that says no, i like the ideas and they're all useful and good for pve IF the game was balanced around pve id be all for it but since blizz trys to balance pvp your basically asking to give pallys Icebound Fortitude, Anti magic shield, Magma totem (you said it yourself) Swiftmend or pretty close, and sprint, a lackluster sprint but the same general idea.

    Maybe a long cooldown like 3-5 minutes would make it viable, but there will still be class homogenization bitching.
    I think you meant "3.1's Unbreakable Armor"

    Again, numbers can't be accurate since you can't actually test anything in game- Ret aura pulsing however is one change I'd think that would be nice and the most likely to happen on Live (its the worst Aura to have in raid outside of Crusader Aura, unless in AQ 20).

    At least with Totems they are interactive somewhat and give additional effects/Bonuses if all 4 are dropped.

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    Re: Aura ideas in 4.0

    Quote Originally Posted by VersionX

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    Re: Aura ideas in 4.0

    Quote Originally Posted by Dalariüs
    Quote Originally Posted by ScottK15

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    Re: Aura ideas in 4.0

    Didn't read through the entire thread, but I do like the idea behind Ronark's idea of having "Empowered" Auras in Cataclysm.

    Might I also suggest a "graphical" addition too, since were on the topic of "Aura Ideas". The often requested: Visible Auras. Enable Devotion Aura, and you have a visible aura around you (and not just when you switch to Devotion). And another effect for Retribution Aura etc. Much like the Aura's for the Diablo 2 Paladin class.
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    Re: Aura ideas in 4.0

    Is Ronark the only Paladin who can think up auras without making stupid/OP ideas?

    This idear is not to give Pallies some good CD or some big DPS booster or some big utility. It was just his little idea for a slight boost. Rets do not need a 897892454631 Damaging aura, Holy does not need a Silence, Tanks do not need a +Threat thing.. >_>.

    EDIT: I am not saying that having our Auras becoming stronger is a bad idea. But making them a spell that actually DOES big damage/effects/ect. is bad.

    Not only would it cause MOAR balance issues to make it a major spell, it would be a major pain on a lot of classes. A spell reflect on a big spell would destroy casters. A silence would hurt them too. A AOE pulse damage would be a pain on so many levels.
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    Re: Aura ideas in 4.0

    Quote Originally Posted by VersionX
    Ok that was freakin' hilarious!

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