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    Max amount of gold transferred?


    I had a look over on wow-europe for this, but couldn't see anything about it.

    Anyone know what would be the maximum amount of gold you can take with you when doing a realm and faction transfer?

    I'm going to get my nelf rogue up to lvl 70 before changing him into a horde guy (so that I can get enough gold with my other lvl 80s to get him his epic flyer and northrend flying skills) and also do a realm transfer to where my other (although comparatively low level) horde guys are.

    So, I'd like to take as much gold over with me to help out the other guys as well -> get him to 70, faction change with loads of money -> get him to 80 quickly -> get heirloom items for other hordies.

    How much can I take with me?

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    Re: Max amount of gold transferred?

    I think the gold cap shale with level. 20k gold at 80 iirc

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    Re: Max amount of gold transferred?

    - Characters carrying too much gold are not eligible for transfer, as follows:
    - Level 10-30: 300 gold limit
    - Level 31-50: 1000 gold limit
    - Level 51-69: 5000 gold limit
    - Level 70 - 80: 20000 gold limit

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