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    Twin Valk'yr 25 M Hard Modes

    Just a general opinion on what people are using on this, we are working on it as of this week and have experimented with a few strats, namely tanks center with a heavy black dps group with 6-8 soakers around the outside to a 2 dps stack with 4 soakers. Not much success with either, I know it's practice and people avoiding balls, but I'm just feeling out what others might be doing in general positioning to get a better sense of the fight. I've heard of a 4 heavy resistance soaker strat along with a more FFA approach. I do know the cheese door style strat is history except for thsoe guilds with the best of the best dps, but that is out for us.

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    Re: Twin Valk'yr 25 M Hard Modes

    Ah ok, so the door strat has been modified, with specials/pots the same color shield as the bulk of your dps can be burnt through.

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    Re: Twin Valk'yr 25 M Hard Modes

    We call our strat 19BLACK

    Last kill took us 4 min and 20 sec.

    Its a glasscanon tactic , where it all comes down to the soakers.

    We tank them in the middel close together not far from the white portal. 19 players standing on each other with black, 4 white soakers (usually done by SPs/Locks or even DKs - common for them are, that they are in high stamina gear and only doing very little dps ~4k+)

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    Re: Twin Valk'yr 25 M Hard Modes

    Yeah, the door tactic is very meh with RNG factors, you could end up with 2 light vortexs, 2 black shields. The encounter is not hard to do it the way intended + you have more flexibility for each ability.... as long as you don't have a bunch of green goblins in yer raid

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    Re: Twin Valk'yr 25 M Hard Modes

    We used a similar tactic to Dexmonkey.

    All the melee+healers black. The rest are white including our third tank.(which is me:<)
    We tank them so that the melee have their backs to the white portal in the top right hand side when you enter.

    We had 2 hunters and a third tank as white soakers. Me as the third tank took the "Dangerous Whites" the ones with blacks mixed in.
    Basically anything that can immune or severly reduce the black vortex damage can be a soaker.

    White vortex: Divine Sacrifice and heal spam(even our moonkins were tranq'in)
    Black vortex: White people switch and immune.

    Black shield: Melee switch to white and we blow heroism and nuke
    White shield: We destroy because our raid is essential a melee Zerg 99% of the time.

    We also allowed some shadow priests to stand in melee with black.

    The most dangerous part is getting a second Black shield. The white tank has to move alot and keep the back of the black mob to the melee so you can cleave.

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    Re: Twin Valk'yr 25 M Hard Modes

    This is the method my guild does it. We have 8 ranged dps taking white and standing on the 8 triangles of the star. We stack everyone else in the middle, all black except for the 2nd tank, who takes white as well so he can tank darkbane.

    The basic strat is this: If a white ball is headed for the center, it will have to pass through our circle of white soakers to get through, and they will promptly absorb it. If a black ball is coming through, our soakers need to be extremely adept at dodging them.

    All dps cooldowns, save bloodlust, are saved for the black shields. Divine hymn and Divine sacrifice are saved for the white vortex, as that is when we are most likely to lose someone to balls when they swap colour.

    Every time we get close to a special, we have everyone turn and burn darkbane, so we have a running start on the shield. On the first black shield, we pop all cooldowns and burn without colour switching, usually leaving us with two seconds or so to break the shield. On the 2nd, we bloodlust to cover for the inevitible deaths that would occur by that time.
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    Re: Twin Valk'yr 25 M Hard Modes

    Our strat is to tank them in the middle with two melee groups and two ranged groups effectively all helping buffer eachother from 'bad' balls. There are also six other ranged DPS assigned around the room catching a specific shade for each side.

    We ignore the touch debuff -- heal and cooldown through it. The opposite DPS simply switch to the twin casting the heal (without switching) and it's more than enough DPS to break it provided everyone is alive; obviously one side (barring the tank) switches for vortex until it is over.

    The only downfall to this strat is that it really super depends on your catchers being on-the-ball. When this is the case historically we've done it in 1-2 attempts. But on 'bad' weeks where the catchers are just sucking it up, inevitably one of the groups is nuked by 2+ balls and we lose too much DPS.

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    Re: Twin Valk'yr 25 M Hard Modes

    This is how we do it:

    Everyone stacks in the doorway except 2 tanks. We have roughly 15 people dark and 10 people white (3 and 2 groups respectively). Tanks pull the bosses and drag them to the door. Tank them with their backs to the instance portal. Tanks stand at roughly 45* from the doorway, kinda forming a triangle with the raid group. Any orbs getting close, the tanks shift to eat them before they reach the clustered group.

    On vortexes, we use various rotations to survive. Tranqs, divine sacs, divine hymns, bubbles/iceblocks/CLOS/deterrence, everything you can use to survive.

    With our dps split like this, we have enough DPS to take down the shields pretty easily. We save lust for one of the ending shields if we have people down. We 1-3 shot it the last 2 weeks.

    Prior to that, we tried tanking in the center, never successful. Problems with tanking them in the center with 4-8 soakers:

    One screwup by a soaker and he dies and/or lets through a few orbs and kills people in the center cluster.

    People dying on the way to the portal to switch for vortexes.

    DPS/healing diminished too much by having people use resist gear/constantly running around the outside.

    Add that all up and our healing/dps drops enough, resulting in inability to take down the shields and they heal up.

    Hope this helps.

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    Re: Twin Valk'yr 25 M Hard Modes

    Quote Originally Posted by Elementology
    Yeah, the door tactic is very meh with RNG factors, you could end up with 2 light vortexs, 2 black shields. The encounter is not hard to do it the way intended + you have more flexibility for each ability.... as long as you don't have a bunch of green goblins in yer raid
    You obviously don't completely understand the mechanics of the fight as there's a lot less RNG to it than that. The special abilities come in random, but semi-predictable rotations.

    It's like this; let's say you get a dark vortex as the first ability. You cannot get dark vortex again until you've had a dark shield, a light shield and a light vortex. This is crucial to know, as you can easily then pre-shot for dark shield if you've had light already and guarantee that you're DPSing the shield the second it pops, no hesitation. It is true that chance may leave you with the fifth ability at random and not in your favor, but the six should hardly be at play unless your DPS is atrocious.

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