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    prot pally help

    ???is this a good pve spec for tanking,eHr-q3,10596
    its 0/61/10

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    Re: prot pally help

    I would suggest to put at least 1 Talentpoint into Improved Judgements to reduce the Cooldown of your Judgements by 1 Second, so it will fit into the 969-Rotation, which you should use (and find out about, if you don't already know). You should not use the Glyph of Consecration for the same reason: it not only makes consecration stay longer, but increases the cooldown, which will interfear with your tanking rotation.

    Other than that it's okay, though I would put some more points into threat-generation abilities. But that's really more a matter of taste and the threat requirements of you group.

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    Re: prot pally help

    this is the setup I use,wHa-e3,10596
    Its pretty much the standard spec. Some people like to take the 5 points out of Divinity and put them in Seals of the pure for the extra threat but that's a matter of personal preference.

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    Re: prot pally help

    You know this and the other topics are trolls?

    Unless the OP really does have no idea on any of the 5 Classes/Specs he also posted this topic in.

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