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    Re: prot pally meta gem question

    Quote Originally Posted by nwo
    Dude, I don't know where you are getting this measly 5% spell damage reduction WITH the meta from, but paladins have way more spell damage reduction than that WITHOUT the meta you mentioned.

    To recap, we have:
    -3% from divine plea (glyphed)
    -3% from blessing of sanct
    -3% from shield of the templar
    -6% from guraded by the light
    -6% from improved righteous fury

    Adding it all up to a whopping 18% spell damage reduction.

    Btw, your spec and glyph choices aren't ideal for a pally main tank.
    They're multiplied factors, not added up.

    It's 0.97(DP)*0.97(BoS)*0.97(SotT)*0.94(GbtL)*0.94(IRF) = 0.806, making it an effective 19.4% damage reduction

    Ontopic: as far as I know, the spell-reducing meta was used for Sartharion 3D, but at the moment there isn't such a magical heavy fight where it's good to get it. AED is by far the best, and EED comes second for TPS/high avoidance sets (like for Anub adds).
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    I don't do math, blind assumptions work so much better for me.

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    Re: prot pally meta gem question

    Quote Originally Posted by Needonboots
    Not completely true. First off, 1 extra global cooldown every 30-60 seconds to cast SS on yourself isn't going to cause anyone to completely lose aggro. If you don't have a consistent hol ypally in your raids casting it on you, you SHOULD have it up. It's mitigation, your job is to not die.

    Improved Hammer of Justice is a perfectly acceptable use of points. You currently have 3 "filler" points in the prot tree which can be put in any of Divinity, Reckoning, Imp HoJ, DS and DG. DS ought to be taken, it is an amazing ability. Tank swaps occur, eg on Gormok, and in that time Bubble+DS is a strong tool to use. Imp. HoJ is less useful, but helps on such fights as Iron Council, any trash anywhere, heroics, and last ditch interrupts on Jaraxxus and similar.

    One of the foremost theory crafters for pala tanks (Theck) currently uses DS and Imp.Hoj for those 3 filler points. It's a bit of utility, not something to be looked down on.

    I meant to say Divine Shield which makes you lose complete threat.. Sorry about that. Keeping up sacred shield even if you have a holy paladin is a must due to yours being a longer duration. Valid points Needonboots, I was talking from my opinions point of view. As you said it's filler talents one puts to where personal preference wants it. On Gormok I usually save the bubble to remove the 3 stacks before tanking dreadscale / acidmaw. At the current content though, HoJ shines in Lord Jar, sure you could use Divine Guardian + Divine Shield in NR Beasts, but you could also do without it. Which is why my preference is in my talent spec.. even though I have to re-spec as soon as I have no ret pallies in my raid...

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