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    Range check Mod

    Hey guys, I start to play my holy spec priest today. I wonder if theres any mod that tells you if the target is in the range or no? sometime I try to heal the target. but it says it isnt in range.
    thanks a lot

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    Re: Range check Mod

    Try raid frames, like Grid or something. It's a built-in feature in everyone of them.
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    Re: Range check Mod

    Alright thanks bro

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    Re: Range check Mod

    Im using stuf raid frames - there is range monitor on target/focus/tot targets :P

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    Re: Range check Mod

    Anyone eles?

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    Re: Range check Mod

    grid, has this thing that blacks out frames of target that is out of range

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    Re: Range check Mod

    For raid frames:
    Interface - UnitFrames - Range in Raid Interface

    Unfortunately the default UI doesn't have this option for party frames yet.

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    Re: Range check Mod

    Yea, I know Grid is good for raid instances. but I'm still use ag_UnitFrames for 5 ~ 10 man instance or pvp. it give more detail of players in the grp. that's why Im looking for range check mod.
    anyone ?

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