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    Re: Lay on Hands (Merged)


    atleast now i dont have to kill a paladin 3TIMES ! to actually kill him when i meet one in worldpvp.

    usually ninjaring mines - ganking - or soloing every groupquest ingame.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Energy
    You should be that blue-geared retard i think
    And now remove vanish. And then remove ice block. And then remove deterrance, heroic throw, bop, .... And then.. remove this game
    Obvious Paladin is obvious. This feels like a PvE nerf more cause you can't LoH yourself before you die, so you just die. PvP LoH is used only for bgs and world pvp.

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    Re: Lay on Hands (Merged)

    Exactly what I said when I saw this, then noticed the thread

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    Re: Lay on Hands (Merged)

    Quote Originally Posted by Energy

    Oh noes! This will make ability tooltip so hard to understand!!!111!!!111
    I think the end of Paladin class will be: "We trying to remove yet another button from this stupid class. But now, it was a last button, and we decided to remove this class from game"

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    Re: Lay on Hands (Merged)

    Quote Originally Posted by amazidude
    i want kanye west in this "arm pen im happy for you, but LoH is the stupidest nerf of all time"


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    Re: Lay on Hands (Merged)

    Wah, I don't like being in line with other classes =(

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    Re: Lay on Hands (Merged)

    Quote Originally Posted by Pally power
    No, you DEMAND your interrupt. >

    wut? ???
    Saying that from a Pvp pov

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    Re: Lay on Hands (Merged)

    Quick correction: Blizzard actually cares about Battlegrounds even if we don't, hence Rated BG's coming soon.

    That aside, I agree with the sentiment in the thread. These may be targeted at nerfing PvE Tanking or PvE mana regen nerf (in which case smack that Glyph), but IMO the most likely reason is a nerf solely for Battlegrounds and on the basis of BG performance.

    I.e. dumb nerfs

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    Re: Lay on Hands (Merged)

    I myself use LoH quite often in PvE, being a holy paladin I spec into improved LoH, I take the minor LoH glyph, reducing it's cooldown to 11 minutes. I myself am holy and I also use the divinity glyph instead of the beacon of light one (which, even if the fight lasts 11 minutes, is better than the beacon glyph from an mp5 PoV. The 1gcd you win every 3 mins is neglectable).

    When I find myself being oom I use it on myself giving me 4k mana (from the divinity glyph where it says: doubles the mana gained) and another 4k mana (from divinity's second effect, you also gain thesame amount of mana as your target). This has saved the raid at least 3-4 times in progress raids (or well, the tank).

    It saddens me that I will now have to live without this extra income of mana. But then again my gear gotten to a point where I don't need it anymore (except on anub). It saddens me even more that Blizzard implements this to satisfy the battleground babies, and that once again a pvp change hurts pve, sigh.

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    Re: Lay on Hands (Merged)

    Lol at all of you.
    "It has a 20min CD it should be OP"
    QQ moar
    If you played a pally before they were FoTM you would know that LoH used to have an hr CD and it took all of your remaining mana to cast.
    I am glad they are doing this no more "Oh we are gonna take this prot pally over here instead of you because the healers can go afk and he still wont die".

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    Re: Lay on Hands (Merged)

    Quote Originally Posted by scvd
    Saying that from a Pvp pov
    oh, so our incapacitate.

    Also, i like that gohan pic.

    Quote Originally Posted by Kyou
    [Shadowmourne, I went to Icecrown and was hoping for The Ashbringer but all I got was this lame axe]
    Ret Pride

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    Quote Originally Posted by TheDarkGod

    now remove bubble
    Just make it purgable for christ sake.
    Quote Originally Posted by Nangz
    GoD isn't so great for unholy
    Quote Originally Posted by HoX
    i dont understamd ???

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tombstone
    Just make it purgable for christ sake.
    Just remove it and give us real PvP tools for christ sake.

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    LOH nerf.

    IT affects Holy prot and ret.

    imo its BS


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    Re: Lay on Hands (Merged)

    Oh wow, how wonderful for my lowbie Paladin. First they take some of the joy out of his DPS by making Exorcism a casttime again for Ret PvP (I have an 80 Ret and fuck that noise) and now they remove my emergency fuckup button?

    What a steaming pile of donkey bollocks.

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    Re: LOH nerf.

    Only the 37th thread about this.

    On topic it is a well warranted nerf.


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    Re: Lay on Hands (Merged)

    This hurts PvE a lot more than it hurts PvP, imo.

    Let's face it. A good Paladin isn't going to pop it when it's 6-1 to kill a single guy, and if he does, he's a retard. The ability is used for PvE, and why they had to nerf it is fucking ridiculous.

    I personally PvP as Ret, and I don't ever have to use this. Why? Because I know how to use my cooldowns and rotations properly. I primarily use it for PvE content. (e.g, hardmode content.) I'm primarily a tank. This nerf is going to hurt, bad.

    So, I would like to applaud you guys. You guys cried so fucking hard, eventually they were tired of listening to it and made the change. It's not even a big PvP aspect. It can't even be used in arena, which is where all the serious pvp'ers are anyway. It's the people in Battlegrounds crying that they were being "pwned" by the OP Retadins. If you can't take a Retadin down, you're bad.

    Sorry. I had to vent somewhere. Personally, this might be the last straw for me. Not just because of the LoH nerf, but because the Paladin nerf in general. We were finally going to be a strong PvE class, and we're nerfed "INTO THE GROUND" as Ghostcrawler says.

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    Re: LOH nerf.

    Well bye bye "ohshit" spell

    It was pretty OP tbh , but still.....

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    Re: LOH nerf.

    how can it be op wen its not even useble in Arena, its a huge hit in the face for PvE

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    Re: Lay on Hands (Merged)

    Quote Originally Posted by Bananengurke
    and your ms?

    LoH can't be a pvp nerf -.- its not even usable in arenas. and no one cares about bgs, especially if some class is overpowered in bgs.
    If by no one you mean all the people who play BG's, which is everyone, then yeah I guess you could say no one. People that play BG's vastly outnumber the people that play arena. BG and World PvP is the original PvP. And YES, I am glad I don't have to kill a pally 3 times now (killing him 2 times was hard enough) and have him be oom and still be able to match my caster dps cuz all his skills cost shit for mana to cast and most of his damage comes from the only damage school that there is no resistance for. No one liked to target pallies in a BG. Pallies had a "target me last because I'll ensure that I last 3 times as long as anyone else you target" card everytime they pvp'd and it was bullshit. Now they won't be bottom on the list of priorities as far as targeting goes.

    Whether Blizz intended it to be a PvP nerf or not, I'm glad that is does provide a nerf in that area. Bubble by itself is enough of a deterrent to leave pallies alone (unless you are a Priest in close proximity or a warr that doesn't have shattering throw on cd. This isn't just a PvP nerf for 80. It's a nerf for all lower levels as well, that I'm sure every other class will appreciate. I don't have a paladin, so I have no idea how the PvE aspect will be affected, though.
    With a shape like that, and a cape like that, cc better cc me. Cuz them dots just keep on rollin, and you know red equals dead. So let them casters cast, cuz haste makes us too fast. And I ride out in Mimiron's Head.

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