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    Re: Lay on Hands (Merged)

    Quote Originally Posted by vespin
    that would be true, IF you guys didnt read what i post a few post up, you would know that blizz is not doing this sooo stop the qqing its not happening.
    I was changing my post as you came with this statement, as I hadn't seen the link previously. I fully understand why they'd do it. Just came as a huge surprise as Lay on Hands is the most well-known Paladin ability after Divine Shield.

    And really, you throw 'qq' around like there's no tomorrow. Stop it, please, it sounds absolutely terrible. Especially when used that much.

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    Re: Lay on Hands (Merged)

    Quote Originally Posted by Zellandine
    I, too, am an altoholic and do not share your opinion at all. A ret paladin is not nearly as durable as this person is exaggerating. They do not have to be killed 'three' times. And in terms of fighting a tankadin, are you seriously kidding me? A prot paladin can not do enough damage to casters to compensate for the incredible amount of burst one can put out (seeing as the only thing they can soak with is their health pool) before a caster will, ultimately, kill them. At least any halfwit caster that has rudimentary understanding of kiting, anyway. And some times, even then.
    Altoholic huh? Well, my friend, I guess we have something in common. If you truly believe Ret pallies are not as hard to kill as I say, then you must not do any BG'ing from levels 10-79. Most twinks are hunters/pallies/rogues (and probably dk's now too) Also warr, but usually only if he has a friend that will twink a healer with him. Why? Because melee and physical dps classes that have all insta cast damage skills faceroll at all levels. Pallies, however are the only class in the game that have instant heal back to full, and immunity (that allows attacking and healing) that no one can dispell until level 70. Seriously, roll anything while leveling against a decent geared pally that has all his cd's up and try to kill him. It is one of the most frustrating things you will ever do and you will avoid it at all costs after trying. This in itself, makes paladins be able to survive much longer in BG's and World PvP because no one WANTS to target them. It's just too annoying.

    I know it's on a 20 min cd, but with the number of paladins one encounters in BG's nowadays, it's very easy to see LoH used 4 or 5 times in a BG of someone you are directly engaging in combat with.

    Quote Originally Posted by Vordox
    I'm still waiting for the removal of
    -Army of the Dead
    -Soul Stone

    If they change LoH for Rated Bgs, I want these "staple" abilities changed for PvP totally as well.
    (Edit -->) Changed what I said about Bloodlust/Heroism since you were referring to PvP. (<-- Edit) Army of the Dead I could care less about. Soul Stone and Reincarnation? Well, Reincarnation is 20% health and mana on a 1 hour cd. Please don't compare the two. Soul Stone is slightly better on cd (I think it's a half hour) and gives you 5300 health and 4200 mana at max level (hardly a full refund of mana or health). Tranquility can be stopped by any cc. Silence, fear, incapacitate, stun, charm, poly (if not in tree form), charm (I think), interrupt, disorient, death grip and cyclone. Forgive me if I missed one.

    And idk about you, but I rarely see locks and shams ankhing/soulstoning in any encounter besides PvE. I have a sham and have only used ankh a max of 4 times to try and kill someone that just killed me (you're basically dead again if u dont kill them within 1-2 gcd's). I see Pallies using LoH all the time though.

    Quote Originally Posted by TwistedPower
    @ Ret pvp nerf idiots.... nobody cares about bg's or world pvp. It was not a ret nerf. You guys are retarded.

    It is ok, we have 2 prot pallys they can just use it on eachother...
    Again, more people care about BG's than you admit. Why do you think Blizzard is implementing rated BG's? Because no one cares? And yes, it was a ret nerf. Just because it nerfed prot pallies more doesn't mean it didn't nerf ret at all, because it did. Ret will be the spec of 99% of pallies you run into while leveling in BG's. And I see that it's been reverted back anyway, so I guess you guys will be getting a nerf in some other area.
    With a shape like that, and a cape like that, cc better cc me. Cuz them dots just keep on rollin, and you know red equals dead. So let them casters cast, cuz haste makes us too fast. And I ride out in Mimiron's Head.

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    Re: Lay on Hands (Merged)

    I must say:
    The changes they've posted so far (they may not be exactly like this but still) are retarded.
    Sacred Shield was good for mitigation.
    Lay on Hands was a "O SHIT" button, can't be used on thyself? Wtf is up with that, that's too dumb for words.
    If they wanted to balance PvP, they can just make the spell unavailable for PvP, Lay on Hands is a great Pally spell, for tanking aswell as Holy and Ret, because you can not only save yourself but others with it aswell, If you're tanking and the boss is almost dead, and so are your healers, you still have that back-up, to grant your DPS extra time.
    Not to mention that Lay on Hands can't be used in Arena (which is good, because there it'd REALLY be over-powered.

    I hope none of these changes hit live (Sacred shield and Lay on Hands) because that would make the Paladin Class one less class that can save people.
    Quote Originally Posted by Deathflame
    Going for avoidance is like playing Russian Roulette.
    Quote Originally Posted by GaaraofSand
    It's time to eat Grandpa!
    It's time to eat, Grandpa!

    Grammar.. it saves lives.

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    Re: Lay on Hands (Merged)

    This change likely will not go through to live, GC already said that much. There is likely to be some sort of change to LoH though to balance the fact that it is literally an extra life if used properly. They will probably reduce the amount that it heals you...or bring back the old DRAINS 100% MANA deal.
    There is a thin line between not knowing and not caring, and I like to think that I walk that line every day.

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    Re: Lay on Hands (Merged)

    This nerf sux...

    how am i supposed to survive 1 v 5 now? at least I can still live for 5 minutes 1 v 3...

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    Re: Lay on Hands (Merged)

    I'd be happy if it cost all mana still, not sure why blizz made it a trinket.(no cost or little cost.)
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    Re: Lay on Hands (Merged)

    I think we've just about covered every possible angle on it, besides the effect it has when cast on non-combat pets and gnomes (both burn up in the atmosphere when you do it).
    Once some more changes are made in a later build, feel free to make a new post to discuss those.

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