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    [suggestion] T10 priest

    Oui, ça ne sert à rien. Mais qui ne tente rien n'a rien, et surtout je le fais aussi pour moi

    Bien que je critique la preview du T10 pretre depuis 4 pages, je ne tiens pas à être catégoriser en tant que "petit con de 12 ans qui sait rien faire que dire du mal".
    j'ai en bien plus et j'ai du goût.
    je tiens donc a m'exposer sur les fofos offi, au point de me faire railler, de la même maniere dont j'ai railler la preview T10.

    voici la mienne, ma suggestion, insipirer des Valk'yr du jeu qui nous rassemble tous:

    je ne pretend pas etre du même niveau que les créateurs et designers de WOW, loin de là. je n'ai aucune prétention et j'ai fait ça en 1h, environ je suis un parfait amateur en matière de caradesign et je suis graphiste d'origine.

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    Re: [suggestion] T10 priest

    Positive: This may be the only concept art by the MMO champ community that I can actually like.

    Negative: I know you (or whoever drew it because I don't know your language) had the idea of Valkyr, but this concept kinda made it seem a little cybernetic.
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    Re: [suggestion] T10 priest

    Robopriest is on the job! Lol jk, it looks good! But we got dracula in purple instead Amazing video of 60+ devilsaurs raiding Undercity!

    My God, what a horrible creation. People seeing what they want? Thank God they tried to shy away from that. I know it pisses me off when I'm in an heroic raid, yet in the back of my head all I can think is 'some casual player is playing a heroic dungeon and not wiping.' -Vodkarn

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    Re: [suggestion] T10 priest

    Pardon mon francais par je ne suis pas le meilleur etudient. Ton dessin est tres bon. C'etait le meilleur deissin j'ai venir.

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    Re: [suggestion] T10 priest

    thanks for reply and lol for jokes ^^
    my english isn't better

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    Re: [suggestion] T10 priest

    Oh un autre français ! Super je désesperais d'être le seul ^^

    L'artwork est super l'effets "wings" des épaux est waouw ! enfin bon de toute façon ce qui est fait est fait....
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    Re: [suggestion] T10 priest

    Tres bien!

    Je ne parle pas francais. :-\

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    Re: [suggestion] T10 priest

    With all due respect to your work and the effort you put...

    learn some fucking english :-X
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    Re: [suggestion] T10 priest

    Sorry to pop your bubble, but it won't happen.

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    Re: [suggestion] T10 priest

    Quote Originally Posted by Ravasha
    Sorry to pop your bubble, but it won't happen.
    the truth

    but it looks pretty darn good, i like it. helm is a bit off time-wise i think, but the rest is cool
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    Re: [suggestion] T10 priest

    A bit similar to digimon called Angewomon

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    Re: [suggestion] T10 priest

    Can you please translate your post? This is primarily an English forum
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    Re: [suggestion] T10 priest


    Yes, that's not use. But the one who doesn't try anything doesn't get anything, and above all I also do it for me. 

    Although I criticized the preview of T10 priest, I don't make a point of being categorize as “12 year old brat who can do nothing but say evil”.
    I'm beyond that and I've some taste.
    I decided to expose myself on the forums, to such an extent that I could be scoffed at, in the same way I've been scoffing the preview of the T10.

    So here is mine, my suggestion, inspired by Valk' yr in the game which gathers us all:


    I don't claim to be having the same level as the creators and designers of WOW, i'm far from that. I don't have any claim and I did that in 1 hour, approximately I'm a perfect amateur as regards character design and my real job is graphic designer.

    PS : I'm french and I'm sorry for my english which could seems poor.

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    Re: [suggestion] T10 priest

    I like the idea, but the helm seems a bit too much.

    Shame it wont happen though.
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    Re: [suggestion] T10 priest


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    Re: [suggestion] T10 priest

    This is simply one of the best homemade creations I've ever seen. Really awesome work.
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    Re: [suggestion] T10 priest

    Does any member with an US account can post my artwork (with my english speech) in US blizzard forums (suggestions and priest) ?
    I'm a french player and i can't do this with my europeen account

    Yes it's maybe usefull but blizzard dosen't fix the priest T10 yet. Goal isn't blizzard choose my design, i know that, but seeing the priest community liking much my artwork than their preview (i hope ) and react. Seriously, i don't do that for me but just because i don't want to wear actual preview of T10 ^^ We can still hope and dream

    thx a lot

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    Re: [suggestion] T10 priest

    Kinda tired of people equating Val'kyr designs to some crappy anime.

    That's a Valkyrie. This is what Blizzard's Val'kyr is based off of. It is also what horrible card peddling cartoon programs based their artwork on.

    Look further than Saturday morning for someone's inspiration.

    Valkyrie--->Blizzard Val'kyr--->This Design.

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    Re: [suggestion] T10 priest

    Je ne comprend pas le francais...j'aime l'mage, c'est interessant. Bravo!

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    Re: [suggestion] T10 priest

    Nice set

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