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    Every single addon setting reset overnight.

    Hello, I just normally logged in 5 minutes ago to find out that my complete ui has been reset, every single addon setting I had, has been set back to standard. All kgPanels are gone, all my QA groups are gone, my bartender is totally screwed, everything is just a mess! I spent atleast 8 hours working on my ui, making one of my own, and now it's completely gone. I don't have a backup since I didnt expect this to happen. Yesterday I did a forced turn off on my computer while I was logged in, but that has happened before and everything has gone back to normal (I had my created ui for over a month)

    Please help me, I can't bear to go trough the horrid kgPanels configuring or setting up Pitbull again, what has happened?

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    Re: Every single addon setting reset overnight.

    You, like all other people who own a computer, have probably been warned on several occasions that a forced turn off *CAN* result in a loss of data. So i expect that's exactly what happened (same happened to me too a while ago).

    Also, you probably won't be able to recover the lost files. Just create backups from now on ;-)
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    Re: Every single addon setting reset overnight.

    Sorry for your loss....

    Having written that - ALWAYS make a backup of your


    when your satisfied with your UI. Problem solved! If your computer shuts down unexpectedly, you can restore them from the backup location.

    I have online backups of the folders, so I dont loose them even if my computer breaks down.

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