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    Re: SwishaUI: Created by yours truly

    Quote Originally Posted by iLive
    I would like to see it in raid first. People go like: OMG SIMPLE, but then raid appears and all things are different :P Anyway, Venera, I would love some of your feedback for my UI. I need some clear eyes to tell me something I can improve :/
    I'll have a look at it ;-)
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    Re: SwishaUI: Created by yours truly

    Way to hijack my thread, jackasses.

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    Re: SwishaUI: Created by yours truly

    I have the picture of the UI and a shaman, if anyone wants i am 100% up for creating a copy, but with the modifications that Venara posted so we will have a allright UI on a resolution that fits 1680x1060 and will also look good in raid.

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    Re: SwishaUI: Created by yours truly

    Hell yeah... first just post the image again.

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