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    A small question regarding an addon.

    Hi,I've seen this option in a lot of UIs yet I can't figure out which addon does it:
    Basically it makes the icons in the character gear window (bags too I think) have an specified border such as Caith.
    It makes the window look really matching and such so I really want to get my hands on it.
    Any ideas?
    Ah and by icons,I mean the item icons.

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    Re: A small question regarding an addon.

    You mean a border around items with shows the quality of the piece,

    Uncommon - Green border
    Rare - Blue Border
    Epic - Purple border

    if so its "OGlow"


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    Re: A small question regarding an addon.

    Skinner, more than likely.
    Quote Originally Posted by Trucidor
    I don't know if it's envy, as much as it is most WoW players following this line of thought:

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    Could be both, though.

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