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    Shammy Power!

    I was thinking about a addon that it similair to Pally Power but with totems, people always ask me what totems Im using
    this is just an idea and I have NO clue how to make an addon

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    Re: Shammy Power!

    there would be no point....since shammys can instantly cast all totems at once.

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    Re: Shammy Power!

    of course there's a use for it, I mean, I cant use both Healing Stream and Cleansing totem, there's always atleast 2 totems of the same element that you need during a fight

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    Re: Shammy Power!

    its just as easy to quickly change a totem..maybe i am stupid but i havent used pally power but its simple to switch in and out with different totems all of them are listed in the totem bar.

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    Re: Shammy Power!

    He's saying it'll be useful with the coordination of totems from different shaman. Ex, if you've got 3 shaman in a group and a fight need tremor, strength of earth, and stoneskin, you could set it up through the addon instead of trying to figure it out in raid chat.

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    Re: Shammy Power!

    OH ok...i could see it...wouldnt be useful in my raids cause we usually dont have that many shammys lol but i understand now

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    Re: Shammy Power!

    A mod like this actually already exists:

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