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    Re: High end geming question.

    @G l o w y r m: I agree with Zeuq on this. A lot of your talent choices and reasoning seem all right, but the conclusions and builds seem off. Things like 2/2 Surge of Light, or leaving 2/5 Empowered healing instead of taking Body and Soul. Taking Inner Focus, but missing Healing Prayers when 1 point will save you more mana over a fight than Inner Focus will. It's so close to a really good build that it makes me sad. Pull 2 out of Empowered Healing into Body and Soul, then drop Inner Focus and 1 point in Surge of Light to get Empowered Healing. There's also the option of dropping to 4/5 Spell Warding and taking Desperate Prayer, but that's more of a personal preference. Wind up with this: 13/58/0.

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    Re: High end geming question.

    Yeh....i would def increase my crit gemmin for SP/crit gems or haste w/e ur style is.

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