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    What's the best PVP DPS spec?

    I've been fooling around with different PVP DPS specs but can't really make up my mind. Any suggestions?

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    Re: What's the best PVP DPS spec?

    There are tons on PvP spec threads in the DK section just keep looking threw till you find them

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    Re: What's the best PVP DPS spec?

    depends wot kinda pv u wont to do really

    blood gd for lasting a while cus of blood tap

    frost if u go frost spec in to dueal wield and blood tap and u will last a long time well doing a lot of dmg

    unholy is gd for the ghoul and outher abilitys that u can get in it like the dmg mitigation from bone shield this is the proferd spec for pvp as it nukes faster apparently

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