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    [Discussion] Casual DK

    Hi Guys,
    I know there are probably a million other "help me" threads out, but i was looking for some individual advice. I have a DK that I use for mining. Recently I have started to PvP on him more (Good change from a hunter). This leads me to ask ALOT of questions.


    1: Currently I have a random spec for PvP and general DPS.... it was kind of a hybrid build incorporating the single target DPS from blood with the stam/"tank" aspects of frost. What I'd like to know is, how can i fix this for a nice PvP/DPS spec? Its important that I keep the "self-healing" parts of this spec as I enjoy being able to heal myself when fighting single targets (world PvP).

    2. Gear wise, I am trying to build up a full set of "deadly" gear first with honour and some badges, this set will be for PvP which will be my primary spec. Hopefully i will rack up a second set from uld just incase I am needed in a guild raid. ANy comments about this. I know currently I have sub-par gear, but very soon i will get a full deadly set and enchant and gem all of it.

    3. Which the spec in Q1 (or another one suggested) what is the best rotation? Currently i find that I am mashing whatever is off cool down and spamming deathcoil when its up. Im also torn between the two major strike (death strike and somthing else that has the icon the same as a dk symbol.) as one heals me and the other deals damage.

    I thankyou for your time in answering some of these questions and i will continue to browse the stickies and other posts in this forum.

    Note: My "favorite" spec to play is blood as i like the "single target" DPS and the healing from it. I know it sounds trivial, but coming from a hunter, I like to have lots of HP, so part spec in frost is important. (please consider these in your replies :])

    also, i'm not going to be a hardcore player on my dk (thats what my hunter is for) but i would like to learn the class.

    once again thats for your time

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    Re: [Discussion] Casual DK

    doubt any threads on mmochampion will answer any of your questions
    best of luck cuz im not answering them

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    Re: [Discussion] Casual DK

    Yes, this is the wrong venue to be posting this. These people don't care about "casual" players.

    Try the official World of Warcraft Forums.
    It's not infectious, but it is technopathological.

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