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    Re: Is Elitist Jerks wrong for a change? (Regarding Unholy DPS)

    Quote Originally Posted by arantes
    Actually you don't have to know what someone looks like for them to be a public figure and in a world where internet "fame" exists you can certainly make an argument that this or that person is more of a public figure than your average MMO player (now whether that matters in court depends on what the test for public figure is, that doesn't matter here though).

    I personally agree with you on your final point though but it's moot in the sense that Tun has already dealt with the consequences of his actions (he acted one way and got banned for it). It's certainly not an unusual situation.
    Online, all you are is a name. A name is not an identity-- there are numerous John Smiths. An identity needs a face, a story, and most of all a tangible presence in the world. Your local mayor is a public figure, not Exodus997 from Unreal Tournament (I made the name up so don't go looking it up.) There is a guy on my server who is notoriously a massive jackass and bad player, just about everyone knows the name, but nobody knows who he really is. Have I reiterated the same concept enough times yet?

    People think they're some celebrity though because strangers who only know you as a stranger recognize your e-name. It's a really sad phenomenon of this generation and causing a lot of people to not be able to function correctly in society-- it's in the same club as e-courage.

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    Re: Is Elitist Jerks wrong for a change? (Regarding Unholy DPS)

    Quote Originally Posted by Tun
    Thank you for verifying that what I think is OK in your book.

    Just remember, you're not an authority. I never gave a shit about your opinion and, frankly, your replies are starting to piss me off quite badly. I dont give a shit what you think is OK.
    Yay! It's like we're back in highschool talking to the kid with the slipknot shirt and those hideous super wide pants. The kid who needs to tell you over and over that he doesn't care what anyone thinks about him, because golly he sure isn't debunking that by insisting you know and care how he feels.

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    Re: Is Elitist Jerks wrong for a change? (Regarding Unholy DPS)

    Quote Originally Posted by arantes
    It's a fair assumption to make based on the discussion. Most of the people (at least most of the vocal ones) who deny evolution take a literal interpretation of the bible. If you happen to 1. Deny evolution and 2. Not believe in a literal interpretation of the bible (or at least be pointing out that some people do that) then you're essentially introducing an uncommon viewpoint to an established "debate", at least sufficiently uncommon that you should not assume that the poster you replied to would use the same argument in a debate with that position.
    When you assume you make an ass out of you, but not me.

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    Re: Is Elitist Jerks wrong for a change? (Regarding Unholy DPS)

    This thread has long since drifted from its original topic and is rapidly becoming a flame fest entirely unrelated to WoW.

    Locking thread.
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