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    Quick Question

    Short and simple hopefully..unholy dps 17/0/54 build..basically is it worth losing str from for

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    Re: Quick Question

    i would favour the spiked battleguard choker over the onyxia neck
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    Re: Quick Question

    There is no way to tell what is better for you without seeing the rest of your gear, not to mention there are tools for questions like this like Rawr. There is also target dummies that you could, you know, try doing your own tests on.

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    Re: Quick Question

    i'd link armory but i logged out in pvp gear..basically have 2pc t8 and few other conq badge peices..i dont wanna test dummy because a quest item is non refundable id rather take offspec tank trink..also if I wanted a gear optimizer I wouldn't have even asked my question..thank you for actually answering my question ethereale ill stick with your response

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    Re: Quick Question

    I can't give you a concrete answer for unholy without running a load of sims but for blood the onyxia one would be better.

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    Re: Quick Question

    DK with agi = nono =) go with the str

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    Re: Quick Question

    The ony one is probably slightly better, but if you tank pretty much EVER it's a much better choice to get the tanking reward.

    I would strongly recommend going with the tanking reward.

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    Re: Quick Question

    thank you very much for your responses sticking with current neck and taking tank offspec

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