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    Quote Originally Posted by noxxous
    no sorry i dont see the red car... anyhow a simple way to think of it is..... the wotlk trailer had a BC set (t4) and the cat trailer would most likely have a wotlk set (t7) both are entry sets too

    Nobody's saying this isn't T7...
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    I'd like WoW to be a single player game

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    Re: Priest Halo?





    and sorry i didnt add the obvious bit about t7 having the halo for a t7 helm in my last post

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    Re: Priest Halo?

    watching the trailer again, you can clearly see its the T7 25 with reddish lighting from flames in the background at about 3:19

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    Re: Priest Halo?

    After figuring out where that first pic came from and watching the Cata trailer, I will say that indeed its the 25 man T7. That first pic is horribly lit and does appear to be the 10 man version but after you get a clear pic of that gnome in the trailer in HD you can see it. Thank you vampfiend for the clarification on that. I thought that he just pulled a random pic off the web somewhere and was asking about it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by VaterCumsprite

    i dont mean to offend you.
    but you clearly have an issue with red/green colors. go to your ophthalmologist (eye doc)
    there is no red on the gnome, its the 25er set.

    i like big butts and i cannot lie.
    haha yes that is green, not red BLIIIINDD!!!!

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