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    hey guys, not sure about my current frost tanking spec

    pls comment on what needs to go n what needs to come on

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    what exactly are you trying to do with this spec? i mean its the basics, but it could really use a focus..

    i assume your talking about a frost 2h tanking spec, and my suggestion is to:
    drop Improved icy talens and icy talens
    pick up merciless combat, sent of blood and 2h spec.
    drop ravenous dead and pick up epidemic.

    you only really need 2 points in sent of blood to make it effective, and if its proced when you strike with RS, thats a 10RP RS.

    as for your glyphes, you look ok. maybe drop HoW glyph for UA glyph.

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    Imo Acclimation is the most under rated tanking talent same with sprell defliction.
    it helps to have them, even lichborne to an extent or hungering cold for controlling the smaller adds

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    If it were me, I'd shift the points from Improved Icy Talons and Deathchill into Chill of the Grave so that I could get more runic power per rotation and therefore afford to execute more Rune Strikes and Frost Strikes. Instead of Ravenous Dead I would shift the points into Epidemic so that I could perform more Obliterates per rotation. The left over point from Ravenous Dead I would place in Scent of Blood (1/3). I would then shift one point from Icy Talons (4/5) into Hungering Cold for purposes of add pick up. Also, when Howling Blast is on cooldown, it is a second way for me to spread Frost Fever without resorting to Pestilence (I never use it as frost). Lastly I would shift two more points from Icy Talons (2/5) into Scent of Blood (3/3) so that I can overflow with runic power to constantly stream Rune Strikes and Frost Strikes with.

    If you're trying to use Howling Blast in your single target rotation and not apply a second disease, don't bother. Obliterate and Blood Strike damage turn to crap, and your threat can't keep up. For purposes of multiple targets, however, Howling Blast, Blood Boil, and Death and Decay are all you need. The Frost Strikes are mostly to keep you entertained while waiting on their cooldowns.

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