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    DK Tank Spec

    I am wanting to tank with my dk. Tired of dps. Which spec is the best tanking spec at the moment? And which glyphs do I need to look for?

    Modified: I am looking for a main tank spec...preferably a duel wielding one.

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    Re: DK Tank Spec

    depends wot u wont to do really

    MT can be done with blood or frost blood will put out more dmg there for more threat so it makes a better mt build were as frost will take a lot less dmg and make it easy for the healers but with less threat.

    if u wont to ot then go frost for the aoe but NEVER go unholy for tanking as it outs out the least threat of all specs

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    Re: DK Tank Spec

    If you want to DW, you'll have to go frost for Threat of Thassarian. I don't have one built as I've never done DW tanking, but I'm sure someone will post one shortly.

    However, I really don't like Frost as a tank spec. Our CD for frost is very melee oriented, and a lot of fights have Magic Damage that hurts. Vamp Blood and even Bone Shield help with magic damage in their own way, but Unbreakable Armor doesn't. To be honest, UA is more like a DPS CD then a tanking one to me.

    They choice is yours, that's just my opinion.
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    Re: DK Tank Spec

    personaly, and this is coming from a frost tanking dk, i'd choose frost to start out with, 2h frost tanking is simple and very easy. its awesome for heroic runs and great for OT'ing just about any raid situation.

    if you want a better MT style play, go with blood. the VB tanking CD is just soo great as EH is better then avoidance when it comes to ToGC and stuff. but if your just starting off, with getting gear from ulduar and badges and such, i'd say just go with frost. DW frost if you want to try it. its good now and getting even better next patch.

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    Re: DK Tank Spec

    what i use for raids to tank, yes its DW frost and its specced to MT ToC, and i LOVE acclimation on most of those fights

    i used to be blood to MT, but blood got an ENORMOUS nerf a few minor patches ago

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