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    Fresh 80 Dk

    Before you flame me I tried searching here and other places but it seems alot of info I find is out of date.

    I just leveled a Dk alt for pve dps purposes and i'm trying to figure out what is the standard starting build to use for subpar gear? I've searched and i've seen some say unholy and some frost. I know that blood is gear dependant so that's out of the question. If the fine people of MMO could steer me in the right direction it would be much appreciated! Thanks in advace...

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    Re: Fresh 80 Dk

    Well being gear starved you would just have to look at the gear you have, find out what you have the best set of and go with that. Honestly, without look at your gear..I'd prolly shoot for Blood and farm heroics til my eyes bleed...being sure to do H Toc everyday til you have the edge of ruin..thats a nice start not to mention a few other upgrades in there and the regular version. I think it was general that blood was better than UH until you are geared correctly but I could be WAY off here since I haven't played blood in quite some time.

    *EDIT* I play DW frost and its nice but your rotation is very tight and you have to have some gear to pull it off, so personally I wouldn't go DW until you start getting PVE epics...but while you're running H TOC if you get your hands on the maces that drop there..keep them, they are prolly your best weapons for DW pre-raid.

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    Re: Fresh 80 Dk

    ^ ^ I'd go with what the guy above me said, like I said I haven't played anything other than DW in a long time so I prolly cant give the best advice. Although it still wouldn't hurt to try a few specs out and see which one works with your playstyle.

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