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    Where and When to Mind Sear?

    My priest is nearing level 80, and I wondered if I could get some advice on when to use my AE spell.

    Best to use it after dotting up one of the mobs?

    Which mob should it go on? The kill target or a different one?

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    Re: Where and When to Mind Sear?

    Generally in heroics etc the thrash dies so fast.. if there is a pull that is more than 2mobbs pref 4. Slap swp on your target and MS the target that has SWP.

    If there are only 2 targets, that die fast.. doenst really matter. The most effective option probably is just MB, flay the main target and swp/dp + mb mf the secondary target.

    or something like that

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    Re: Where and When to Mind Sear?

    if you're doing heroics and aoeing, just dot everything. it's more productive than mind searing. if everything is dotted, then mind sear.

    only mind sear if there a 4+ mobs up

    you wanna mind sear the highest hp target, cause you dont want your target to die and break the channel

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    Re: Where and When to Mind Sear?

    1) If you are showering, mind sear.
    2) When shopping for used automobiles, mind sear.
    3) If there are more than 4 Ritz crackers left in the package DO NOT MIND SEAR.

    These three simple rules will carry you to shadowy glory.

    Please thank me in your autobiography.

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