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    Re: Introducing the Pet Store

    Atleast it's for a good cause.

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    Re: Introducing the Pet Store




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    Re: Introducing the Pet Store

    Although I rly like blizz purpose it's wierd to charge in-game pets with real money :-\ They could just reward the Pandaren(and Lil KT) pet from completing an achiev and then offer 5$ (50 percent) for each player getting the achiev.Well just a though...

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    Re: Introducing the Pet Store


    the panda does nothing, so they'll donate money to a charity. KT kills critters but blizz keeps all the money. Guess which one will sell the most? Coincidence?

    Also, maybe two years down the road there will be a store to buy your epix.

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    Re: Introducing the Pet Store

    I kind of like this idea even though I know it will upset a lot of people because they will see it as a leading down a slippery slope that ends in selling gear for money. Personally I don't think Blizzard will ever do that, but who knows. In reality this is nothing different than what they do for Collector's Editions, so I don't think it's a big deal at all.

    I'll definitely be buying the Pandaren Monk. The Make-a-Wish foundation is a great organization that Blizzard has done some great work with in the past.

    Finally, I don't understand why people get upset that Blizzard does whatever it can to make money. What else do you expect a multi-million dollar corporation to do? If you don't want to give them your money, then don't.

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    Re: Introducing the Pet Store

    Says on the store site the code is redeemable on US, EU and CH servers (Seriously, China servers? werent they against panda's... like... against the WHOLE WoW community?)

    Anyway, I regret not being able to buy them, why Blizz, why only with Credit Card?

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    Re: Introducing the Pet Store

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    Re: Introducing the Pet Store

    Quote Originally Posted by Diseous
    Blizz just lost China. Thats what, around 6 million players? What else do you expect them to do to make up for the loss of $$ ?
    [blizzquote author=Ghostcrawler] Frostmourne is a hunter weapon. True story.[/blizzquote]

    [blizzquote="Eyonix;]But, we can’t just buff Arcane Shot because Survival use that too.[/blizzquote"]

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    Re: Introducing the Pet Store

    This is absolutely no different than vanity items offered via the card game, except they're essentially cutting out the middle man (Upper Deck).

    Don't like it? Don't buy it. Get over yourselves and realize Blizzard is a company who's first interest is to make money, not bend over backwards in light of some imaginary moral compass people only have as an excuse to throw a temper tantrum over trivial crap.

    That said, some of you need to read up on "Slippery Slope".
    "The most merciful thing in the world, I think, is the inability of the human mind to correlate all its contents. We live on a placid island of ignorance in the midst of black seas of infinity, and it was not meant that we should voyage far. The sciences, each straining in its own direction, have hitherto harmed us little; but some day the piecing together of dissociated knowledge will open up such terrifying vistas of reality, and of our frightful position therein, that we shall either go mad from the revelation or flee from the light into the peace and safety of a new dark age"

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    Re: Introducing the Pet Store

    50% is actually really good in the world of charity donations. Like Eyetotem said, usually they're just giving a dollar or something, or even better, the undisclosed "portion of your purchase goes to" shenanigans.

    While i don't fully agree with the whole "buy your stuffs" idea, it at least is better than the Cardgame, where you'll buy cards and cards and cards hoping for a random loot card. This way they're just straight up taking your money and at least you're getting exactly what you want.

    I've never bought anything WoW related outside the usual subscription fee, but i'd be tempted with the Pandaren.

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    Re: Introducing the Pet Store

    This just in: INVINCIBLE, Arthas' own steed in both life and undeath, can now be yours for 3 easy payments of $39.99. BUT WAIT, THERE'S MORE! Call now and we'll throw in this snazzy Pink Love Rocket for half price! Impress the ladies while riding in style!

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    Re: Introducing the Pet Store

    I think at least part of the reason is to prevent some the case of some (pet) ebay auction for $10,000 or something like that.

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    Re: Introducing the Pet Store

    Hold on.

    The pets cost $10 for the US, but 10 Euros for Europe?

    So the US gets the pet for the equivalent of 6.70 euros?


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    Re: Introducing the Pet Store

    These, are... AWESOME.

    Firstly, to the people complaining... so what? You don't HAVE to buy them and the people that do won't get any advantage over the people that don't.

    I am totally going to buy both of them when i get paid... Pandaren Monk 50% goes to Charity and Lil' KT... HE FRICKIN KILLS CRITTERS!

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    Re: Introducing the Pet Store

    Seriously? What is up with the comments here!?
    It's 50 % of the price for charity! That's quite a lot! And it's a good cause!
    Or don't you people care about small children dying? Seriously, some of you disgust me!
    You always QQ that Blizzard wants all your money! Now they're fucking giving it away to people who needs it more! And do they get - "They want money!"

    Yeah sure, it's only the Pandaren pet that gives money to Charity but it's still a damn good message to send that they not only care about their player-base or our money but that they also care about charity. Years ago they took in a sick boy, gave him a phoenix, let him design an NPC, gave him a unique weapon and so much more! It's a very good and noble cause and if you're against that then maybe you should try being a dying child who really wants to ride a pony before he dies or something.

    Also, if you're so much against a company trying to raise more money then you're downright dumb. They don't force you to buy the pets but merely offer them if you like them. They don't go "Buy pet or we'll kill you in your sleep." If you're against them selling pets, then fucking just don't buy the pets. However, I'm sure a lot of you people will actually buy them.

    People seem to think that everything Blizzard does is to earn more money. Seriously. Do you expect a company not to want more money? If you do, then you're retarded. Afterall, the money goes to designers, writers, actors, programmers, musicians and many more that makes the game you are playing today. They do this to offer more cool pets and more service to the playerbase but ofcourse nobody seems to like Blizz despite the fact that they support charity and will give you a fucking free in-game pet in 2 weeks at their 5 year anniversary.

    Blizzard already gives us a lot and charge us a low price of 14 $ each month for all the great content and gameplay we get. These pets costs 10$ and if you don't like giving money to a good cause or supporting the people keeping the game alive then it's your choice. I like the fact of them donating money to charity, so I'll buy the pandaren, cos it's hella cool also.

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    Re: Introducing the Pet Store

    credit cards (Visa, Mastercard, Discover and American Express). - stupid

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    Re: Introducing the Pet Store

    Next stop BLIZZcash.

    last I checked this wasn't a korean mmo with a cash shop.

    And while this is only 2 pets, it won't just end here.

    Is the plan for the additional 'character customization' they've talked about wanting to have, to be purchase based?
    Like every godawful mmo that has any form of money > ingame items.
    Thrall Face - $10.00 us
    Dread Lord Horns - $5.00 us
    Dread Lord Wings - $20.00 us

    Don't forget a mount shop.
    Limited edition Flame Leviathan mount - $50.00 us

    Also. People on their high horse about charity. The Pandaren Monk donation only lasts for 2 months (dec. 31)
    Lil K.T. is not a charity item at all.

    Using charity as a means to ease in a powerhouse money maker like this, is pretty low in all honesty.
    The 50% donation is great and all. But it won't always be there. And I highly doubt we'll see such a thing very often, if at all after the Pandaren.

    This pretty much spells out all the high end pet and mount models, and who knows what else they have cooked up. Will be purchasable only in a year.
    I love collecting pets and mounts. Many people do. We pay a subscription fee for a reason, for access to rewards like these pets as long as we can devote ourselves.

    They aren't forcing you to buy them, no.
    But like I said, the quality/quantity of new vanity this-and-thats will diminish to a nonexistent level in a year.
    Why make a brand new mount/pet model, with unique animations and/or sounds and give them away in game?
    When they can now massively profit off them. Our subscription fees paying designers to make PREMIUM content, that our subscription fee doesn't cover.

    The TCG is a different story. A couple loot cards per each series of cards. No big deal.
    But now any new pets/mounts/etc at any time during development are up for grabs to be shoved into their shop. It's a devastating path that will very greatly hurt the customers in the long run. This isn't a free mmo, it'd be completely understandable and acceptable if it was.

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    Re: Introducing the Pet Store

    inb4 dirty capitalist bastards nerdrage... nvm

    If you dont want to pay 10 you don't want it bad enough. Kiddies save your allowance, mow an extra lawn, or pop open the basement door and holler at granny to borrow her visa.

    Nice work including a charity btw. Wonder if sponsors are next... wtb pet Clorox bottle.
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    Re: Introducing the Pet Store

    Its called micro transactions.. and is supposed to be the new way to make $$ :-\ I still have not made up my mind on it...

    And as much as I think blizzard is selling out.. I don't have a problem with it as long as it stays with cosmetic items.

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    Re: Introducing the Pet Store


    Why not give all the money to charity!!!!! Money grabbing bar-stewards!

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