View Poll Results: Which color do you think our T10 should be?

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  • Purple main/ Orange highlights

    5 4.81%
  • Orange main/ Purple highlights

    4 3.85%
  • Silver main/ Blue highlights

    82 78.85%
  • Purple main/ Green highlights

    13 12.50%
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    Priest T10 Color Choice

    Here are the color schemes that were posted on mmo-champ a few days ago:

    It seems from the newer post that Blizz has chosen the Purple one with the orange highlights on it. Does anyone else think that this is one of the uglier choices? I personally think the silver and blue one looks awesome, but maybe Blizz wants to keep the colors dark to fit with the Icecrown theme and a few other classes have purple colors and most of them are at least dark. What do you think?

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    Re: Priest T10 Color Choice

    purple/green or silver/blue

    are the only decent color combos and its just basicly a under-developed tier 6 imo
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    Re: Priest T10 Color Choice

    lol at results.
    1, 1, FIFTEEN, 2.

    The silver/blue is by far the best looking.

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    Re: Priest T10 Color Choice

    why the fuck cant we get 1 color per set like in toc, 4 colors for 1 set is stupid..

    Blue/silver all the way

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    Re: Priest T10 Color Choice

    I'm glad so many people agree with me ;D

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    Re: Priest T10 Color Choice

    silver / blue by FAR

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    Re: Priest T10 Color Choice

    Two of the colors will be non-tier items ala the purple and orange tier8-look-a-likes found in Ulduar.

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    Re: Priest T10 Color Choice

    I like green

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    Re: Priest T10 Color Choice

    Poll is incorrect. If you wanted a more correct poll, it would've stated options for people to choose what color for 10 and what color for 10.5.

    Personally, I think purple/green and silver/blue, doesn't matter which order.
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    Re: Priest T10 Color Choice

    I'm with the guy above me. I'm hoping that purple/green and silver/blue are the two they choose for T10 and T10.5 with the purples and browns being offset.

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    Re: Priest T10 Color Choice


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    Re: Priest T10 Color Choice

    the last one is sick looking on meh sexy troll self.

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    Re: Priest T10 Color Choice

    Silver / Blue for Healing
    Purple / Green for Shadow

    That'd look awesome. Also, all sets look better on females, as usual.

    Bonus for a cowl (not part of the OPs screenshot). All in all, quite decent sets, best of the expansion so far.

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