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    Re: Max DPS in Boomkin?

    i support the above post... if you can get your hands on a haste increasing trinket as well try and keep it on CD during your lunar procs... the more eclipsed starfires you can get in, the better your dps is going to go because during the lunar proc you'll have an insane amount of starfire crit chance and should be critting close to 100% (unless your RNG sucks like mine) which really helps a lot... (unless you have rein of the dead from anub 25man, then try and keep your starfires above 2s with NG as during lunar you can get 2 pillars out of the trinket)

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    Re: Max DPS in Boomkin?

    Quote Originally Posted by Qieth
    Thats because you shouldn't have kept chest and head for T8.5. T9 chest and head are arguably the best pieces because they have no spirit.
    Shit.. I've been reading that 8.5 chest and helm are the best to use as they are the highest stats , your saying I should use t9 chest and helm & 8.5 gloves & pants ??? They are weak pieces QQ Now I'll have to dredge through my bank again grrrr....

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    Re: Max DPS in Boomkin?

    T9 head and chest are the most powerfull pieces from T9, because there are no stat points wasted on spirit. Which other pieces of T8 you use is free to choice really - if you have the cloth hands from Anub, then you use legs/shoulders. If you have the pants from Anub, then you use hands/shoulders. I have the shoulders from heroic 10 man, so i use gloves and pants.
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    Re: Max DPS in Boomkin?

    Maybe you can help me out so ... I have the pants off anub 25man (normal) , I have the shoulders from 10 man jarrax hc and I have the cloth HC gloves too (altho I'm reluctant to use them as of the high amount of hit and I might of already vendored them lol)

    I have full t8.5 and t9 so it's a case of which holds the best stats, I'm in work and too lazy to rawr anything so I can't atm. Any idea which would be the best to use (taking hit and haste cap out of the equation) I think I'll use the shoulders from jara ith 8.5 legs and gloves .. although thinking about it , I think I only have the 232 T9 helm ... dammit wish I wasn't in work now lol. ; that's me atm , as you can see I'm quiet a bit over the hit cap with nothing to do about it

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