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    Re: Fav healer? Your preferred healer

    I pick Druid. Not because I am one, but who doesn't want a good Druid in their group? Also, if you ever get tired of healing you can do any of the three other roles in the game without re-rolling.

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    Re: Fav healer? Your preferred healer

    As a Paladin.. My biggest advice to you is NOT going with a Paladin.
    Dont get me wrong, I love my class and Holy is goddamn powerful.. But Holy is the most boring thing since Shadowbolt Dest Locks.. (Its actually almost exactly the same.. You stand there, press a button, and watch crits.)

    If you wanna be powerful i'd say roll with the Druid.. There is a reason everyone QQs about them.

    However the Priest is an awesome and fun class to heal as. You pretty much have a tool for any occasion and a spec for any role... This alone is enough to make it quite powerful regardless of numbers.
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