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    Interesting Faction Champions Read


    This post pretty much shows exactly how each of the champions act and why they attack who they attack, if you take this stuff into account you can possibly get a greater degree of control over the fight and save some lives. It's really only useful for PuGs and Heroic mode since they aren't that hard otherwise. The info about how the champion healers work is pretty useful for everyone though I think, all the time.

    Some pretty cool info in that post nonetheless. Not sure if it's gotten around a lot or if many of you have seen/know all of this, but for those that haven't read any of this info it's a pretty cool read.

    As I read through it, I found myself remembering certain things happening often throughout all of my FC attempts and going, "OHH that's why that happens!", like Warlocks dying first ALL the time, lol (explained in the post).

    Anyway, most of it looks legit, give it a read and pass it on to your guildies! Also, let me know if you've seen/heard about this info before, I haven't but I could be living under a rock

    Peace guys.

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    Re: Interesting Faction Champions Read

    nice read, also goes some way to explain my other half gets instagibbed on her mage most weeks.

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    Re: Interesting Faction Champions Read

    There is more to it than that... our guild's strat is not to use any CC, our kills have been done by getting them to aggro a tank for the majority of the time. We believe debuffing the faction champs adds to threat, a war can cycle peircing howl, demorilzing shout and thunder clap and keep a vast amount on him. We can then DG one away from the pack and dps one at a time.

    We find the moment you use any form of CC the tank will lose them. So no one uses any form of CC, if you get aggro you simply run away and then eventually go back to the tank.

    This isnt the complete picture however, it doesnt work 100% perfectly every time but after a few tries we get it to work... usually.

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    Re: Interesting Faction Champions Read

    Good read, thanks for the post.
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    Re: Interesting Faction Champions Read

    Nice post. Really can't say how accurate it is, but it does give you ideas.

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    Re: Interesting Faction Champions Read

    Quote Originally Posted by Worshaka
    There is more to it than that...
    You're definitely right, there is more to it, the OP is working on testing a bunch of other things. I'm sure debuffing and CC'ing targets factors in with a few other small things maybe.

    Those basic formulas can be tested the way he says though and you'll see they work very well.

    I think the part about the way the healers target with lowest absolute health is a pretty cool tidbit. Put my groups pets on the FC's hunter pet and the Paladin barely healed the Druid at all while we burned him.

    Your whole strategy is interesting though Worshaka I'll tell the guy about that scenario.

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    Re: Interesting Faction Champions Read

    I didnt mean to indicate that the info presented wasnt interesting and I actually agree with it from my experience. I just meant to say that there are some other factors that are probably a lot harder to clarify which also impact on who the FCs decide to target.

    Generally speaking the rogue will shadow step to a Mage or Lock who usually have the least armor in any given raid. They will occasionally target a priest but of course factors like health defeict and proximity do come into play.

    In any case we were able to one shot heroic FCs last night, we've taken to downing 1 healer under BL and then pick off the dangerous melee, once you limit their ability to kill raid members it becomes a pretty simple encounter.

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    Re: Interesting Faction Champions Read

    its a good read. saw it posted on the wow-forums the other day too.

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