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if you have mana problems now or in 3.3, replace your quest greens

spriests don't need better mana return, they need more dps

SWP is a shit glyph because it addresses a problem that doesn't exist. of the fights that are already on the PTR, NONE are going to strain mana, and that's in the same gear you have now, when you have larger mana pools and more mp5, you're having even less of a mana problem

but hey, lots of priests refuse to admit something is wrong, they can't deal with the fact that their main is a gimp.

spriests are still shit in 3.3
i agree spriests are still shit in 3.3 via the removal of the swp:haste change but I have to use dispersion and shadowfiend on alot of fights now. Especially anubarak. Multi target dotting and multiple adds while managing Boss Dots etc and aoeing are really hard on the mana pool. If you have done things like hard mode Beasts , jaraxxus , faction champs and H-Anubarak and not had to use both shadowfiend and dispersion on cooldown for mana then you are doing less damage than you are capable of.

With increased DoT ticking via haste in 3.3 you will be damn near required to use the SW:Pain glyph to be self-sustaining in ICC. Hell I have a macro that spams 1 feral druid and 1 resto/boomkin druid when necessary, and that is every single H-Anubarak attempt.