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    Emblems of Frost Rewards

    Emblems of Frost Rewards
    It looks like Blizzard finally pushed new items with this build, below is the list of items you can buy with the Emblems of Frost you will get from raids, daily quests, and weekly raid quests. Prices aren't available for the moment

    We might have more items today, stay tuned!

    HTML Code:
    <table class="sortable" cellspacing="0" cellpadding="1" style="border:1px solid #96BC27;margin:auto"><thead><tr style="background-color:#96BC27;font-weight:bold; cursor: pointer;"><th width="30">ilvl</th><th width="75">Type</th><th width="75">Spec</th><th width="75">Slot</th><th width="350">Item</th></tr></thead><tbody>

<tr class="vloot2"><td>264</td><td>Thrown</td><td>Phys.DPS</td><td>Thrown</td><td>[url=""]Shrapnel Star[/url]</td><td></td></tr>
<tr class="vloot2"><td>264</td><td>Plate</td><td>Melee.DPS</td><td>Chest</td><td>[url=""]Castle Breaker's Battleplate[/url]</td><td></td></tr>
<tr class="vloot2"><td>264</td><td>Plate</td><td>Melee.DPS</td><td>Hands</td><td>[url=""]Gatecrasher's Gauntlets[/url]</td></tr>
<tr class="vloot2"><td>264</td><td>Plate</td><td>Melee.DPS</td><td>Waist</td><td>[url=""]Gatecrasher's Gauntlets[/url]</td></tr>
<tr class="vloot2"><td>264</td><td>Plate</td><td>Spell MP5</td><td>Chest</td><td>[url=""]Chestplate of Unspoken Truths[/url]</td></tr>
<tr class="vloot2"><td>264</td><td>Plate</td><td>Spell</td><td>Hands</td><td>[url=""]Gauntlets of Overexposure[/url]</td></tr>
<tr class="vloot2"><td>264</td><td>Plate</td><td>Spell</td><td>Waist</td><td>[url=""]Lich Killer's Lanyard[/url]</td></tr>
<tr class="vloot2"><td>264</td><td>Plate</td><td>Tank</td><td>Chest</td><td>[url=""]Cataclysmic Chestguard[/url]</td><td></td></tr>
<tr class="vloot2"><td>264</td><td>Plate</td><td>Tank</td><td>Hands</td><td>[url=""]Gauntlets of the Kraken[/url]</td></tr>
<tr class="vloot2"><td>264</td><td>Plate</td><td>Tank</td><td>Waist</td><td>[url=""]Verdigris Chain Belt[/url]</td></tr>
<tr class="vloot2"><td>264</td><td>Mail</td><td>Phys.DPS</td><td>Chest</td><td>[url=""]Longstrider's Vest[/url]</td></tr>
<tr class="vloot2"><td>264</td><td>Mail</td><td>Phys.DPS</td><td>Feet</td><td>[url=""]Rock-Steady Treads[/url]</td></tr>
<tr class="vloot2"><td>264</td><td>Mail</td><td>Phys.DPS</td><td>Hands</td><td>[url=""]Logsplitters[/url]</td></tr>
<tr class="vloot2"><td>264</td><td>Mail</td><td>Phys.DPS</td><td>Waist</td><td>[url=""]Band of the Night Raven[/url]</td></tr>
<tr class="vloot2"><td>264</td><td>Mail</td><td>Spell MP5</td><td>Chest</td><td>[url=""]Mail of the Geyser[/url]</td></tr>
<tr class="vloot2"><td>264</td><td>Mail</td><td>Spell</td><td>Feet</td><td>[url=""]Earthsoul Boots[/url]</td></tr>
<tr class="vloot2"><td>264</td><td>Mail</td><td>Spell</td><td>Hands</td><td>[url=""]Blizzard Keeper's Mitts[/url]</td></tr>
<tr class="vloot2"><td>264</td><td>Mail</td><td>Spell</td><td>Waist</td><td>[url=""]Waistband of Despair[/url]</td></tr>
<tr class="vloot2"><td>264</td><td>Leather</td><td>Phys.DPS</td><td>Chest</td><td>[url=""]Shadow Seeker's Tunic[/url]</td></tr>
<tr class="vloot2"><td>264</td><td>Leather</td><td>Phys.DPS</td><td>Hands</td><td>[url=""]Cat Burglar's Grips[/url]</td></tr>
<tr class="vloot2"><td>264</td><td>Leather</td><td>Phys.DPS</td><td>Waist</td><td>[url=""]Vengeful Noose[/url]</td></tr>
<tr class="vloot2"><td>264</td><td>Leather</td><td>Spell</td><td>Chest</td><td>[url=""]Vestments of Spruce and Fir[/url]</td></tr>
<tr class="vloot2"><td>264</td><td>Leather</td><td>Spell</td><td>Hands</td><td>[url=""]Gloves of the Great Horned Owl[/url]</td></tr>
<tr class="vloot2"><td>264</td><td>Leather</td><td>Spell</td><td>Waist</td><td>[url=""]Belt of Petrified Ivy[/url]</td></tr>
<tr class="vloot2"><td>264</td><td>Cloth</td><td>Spell</td><td>Chest</td><td>[url=""]Meteor Chaser's Raiment[/url]</td></tr>
<tr class="vloot2"><td>264</td><td>Cloth</td><td>Spell</td><td>Chest</td><td>[url=""]Ermine Coronation Robes[/url]</td></tr>
<tr class="vloot2"><td>264</td><td>Cloth</td><td>Spell</td><td>Hands</td><td>[url=""]Gloves of Ambivalence[/url]</td></tr>
<tr class="vloot2"><td>264</td><td>Cloth</td><td>Spell</td><td>Waist</td><td>[url=""]Belt of Omission[/url]</td></tr>
<tr class="vloot2"><td>264</td><td>Cloth</td><td>Spell</td><td>Waist</td><td>[url=""]Circle of Ossus[/url]</td></tr>
<tr class="vloot2"><td>264</td><td>Cloak</td><td>Melee.DPS</td><td>Back</td><td>[url=""]Might of the Ocean Serpent[/url]</td></tr>
<tr class="vloot2"><td>264</td><td>Cloak</td><td>Phys.DPS</td><td>Back</td><td>[url=""]Recovered Scarlet Onslaught Cape[/url]</td></tr>
<tr class="vloot2"><td>264</td><td>Cloak</td><td>Spell MP5</td><td>Back</td><td>[url=""]Drape of the Violet Tower[/url]</td></tr>
<tr class="vloot2"><td>264</td><td>Cloak</td><td>Spell</td><td>Back</td><td>[url=""]Volde's Cloak of the Night Sky[/url]</td></tr>
<tr class="vloot2"><td>264</td><td>Cloak</td><td>Tank</td><td>Back</td><td>[url=""]Sentinel's Winter Cloak[/url]</td></tr>
<tr class="vloot2"><td>264</td><td>Idol</td><td>Feral</td><td>Relic</td><td>[url=""]Idol of the Crying Moon[/url]</td></tr>
<tr class="vloot2"><td>264</td><td>Idol</td><td>Balance</td><td>Relic</td><td>[url=""]Idol of the Lunar Eclipse[/url]</td></tr>
<tr class="vloot2"><td>264</td><td>Idol</td><td>Restoration</td><td>Relic</td><td>[url=""]Idol of the Black Willow[/url]</td></tr>
<tr class="vloot2"><td>264</td><td>Libram</td><td>Holy</td><td>Relic</td><td>[url=""]Libram of Blinding Light[/url]</td></tr>
<tr class="vloot2"><td>264</td><td>Libram</td><td>Protection</td><td>Relic</td><td>[url=""]Libram of the Eternal Tower[/url]</td></tr>
<tr class="vloot2"><td>264</td><td>Libram</td><td>Retribution</td><td>Relic</td><td>[url=""]Libram of Three Truths[/url]</td></tr>
<tr class="vloot2"><td>264</td><td>Misc.</td><td>Phys.DPS</td><td>Trinket</td><td>[url=""]Herkuml War Token[/url]</td></tr>
<tr class="vloot2"><td>264</td><td>Misc.</td><td>Spell Hit</td><td>Trinket</td><td>[url=""]Maghia's Misguided Quill[/url]</td></tr>
<tr class="vloot2"><td>264</td><td>Misc.</td><td>Spell</td><td>Trinket</td><td>[url=""]Purified Lunar Dust[/url]</td></tr>
<tr class="vloot2"><td>264</td><td>Misc.</td><td>Tank</td><td>Trinket</td><td>[url=""]Corroded Skeleton Key[/url]</td></tr>
<tr class="vloot2"><td>264</td><td>Sigil</td><td>Melee.DPS</td><td>Relic</td><td>[url=""]Sigil of the Hanged Man[/url]</td></tr>
<tr class="vloot2"><td>264</td><td>Sigil</td><td>Tank</td><td>Relic</td><td>[url=""]Sigil of the Bone Gryphon[/url]</td></tr>
<tr class="vloot2"><td>264</td><td>Totem</td><td>Elemental</td><td>Relic</td><td>[url=""]Bizuri's Totem of Shattered Ice[/url]</td></tr>
<tr class="vloot2"><td>264</td><td>Totem</td><td>Enhancement</td><td>Relic</td><td>[url=""]Totem of the Avalanche[/url]</td></tr>
<tr class="vloot2"><td>264</td><td>Totem</td><td>Restoration</td><td>Relic</td><td>[url=""]Totem of the Surging Sea[/url]</td></tr>


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    Re: Emblems of Frost Rewards

    Nice! So the Emblems of Frost are basically you're new farming badges.

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    Re: Emblems of Frost Rewards


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    Re: Emblems of Frost Rewards

    strange that they opt'ed to make the buffs stack rather than the instant proc that's available for this tier of content.

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    Re: Emblems of Frost Rewards

    There seems to be a lot of stacking relic bonuses around :

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    Re: Emblems of Frost Rewards

    seems to be a typo on the holy plate tunic 100mp5 compared to the shamans 46 lol

    at second glance all the plate items seem to be immensely over populated with stats compared to its different armor class counterparts

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    Re: Emblems of Frost Rewards

    2nd generation of useless dps caster trinkets. yay

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    Re: Emblems of Frost Rewards

    what the fuck is attack power rating?

    Your Stormstrike ability grant 146 attack power rating for 15 sec. Stacks up to 3 times.
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    Re: Emblems of Frost Rewards

    Fail Prot relic. Nice stam trinket though!

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    Re: Emblems of Frost Rewards

    Those plate DPS prieces are beautiful... and the fact that there are four pieces besides the helm... even better if ICC is gay to me with dropping loot like ToC is
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    Re: Emblems of Frost Rewards

    153 resi trinket - AMAGAD ???

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    Re: Emblems of Frost Rewards

    Quote Originally Posted by Pope

    what the fuck is attack power rating?
    The new shaman attack power, duh!

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    Re: Emblems of Frost Rewards

    There doesn't seem to be a shield in that list, kind of lame the only shield for emblems is from heroism. Was hoping they'd add one this time around.

    (Just noticed how annoying it is to get a proper shield these days for my shaman/holydin alts, who don't raid.)

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    Re: Emblems of Frost Rewards

    Quote Originally Posted by Pope

    what the fuck is attack power rating?
    Ummm, Attack Power? You know, that thing created by strength and that raw stat that you see on so many items..

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    Re: Emblems of Frost Rewards

    Haste trinket is shitty for plate.
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    Re: Emblems of Frost Rewards

    Omg 228 stam ;D

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    Re: Emblems of Frost Rewards

    Wow another hit/on use spell power trinket just what use casters need.
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    Re: Emblems of Frost Rewards

    that melee trinket is just sick.....
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    Re: Emblems of Frost Rewards

    Quote Originally Posted by detached
    2nd generation of useless dps caster trinkets. yay
    QFT. That much hit rating is fail on trinkets. >.<

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    Re: Emblems of Frost Rewards

    Quote Originally Posted by velasius
    Ummm, Attack Power? You know, that thing created by strength and that raw stat that you see on so many items..
    Someone missed the joke... : He was talking about how it's called Attack Power, not Attack Power Rating.
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