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    Re: Emblems of Frost Rewards

    Quote Originally Posted by Sparky_b
    I Love how some of the tank plate, one of the tank trinkets, and the Prot Libram all have dodge even though our dodge is getting Radiance.
    I guess they gotta give us some kind of tanking stat since block is even more useless.

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    Re: Emblems of Frost Rewards

    After all the recent tiers of gear and emblems, it'd be expected by now to understand that you're not necessarily meant to buy everything you can use from the items available in emblems...

    You could expect that Blizzard will probably design gear so that every spec will - wisely - spend a reasonably similar amount of emblems on emblem gear.

    Wich means for example that Retribution Paladins won't be having much interest in the chest or gloves... but maybe they'll be interested in the Belt.
    As for Gloves and Chest, you can expect that the DPS Warrior & Death Knight Tier gear will have enough differences such that one may end up getting the Chest and using tier gloves+head+leg+shoulder while the other gets the Gloves and uses tier chest+head+leg+shoulder.

    Hey, maybe you're right and Blizzard just did all this completely randomly... But it's kinda pointless to think that way of a game you pay to play...

    Another example: that Physical DPS trinket seems great for some classes (Enhancement, Assassination, ...) but it is clearly not designed for the slow hitting Retribution Paladins, for example, as any fight with a reasonable amount of movement will cause them to drop the stack before it even reaches the max... and the haste also gets wasted amidst all those instant abilities.

    Finally, those comments against - for example - caster gear & excessive hit rating have an precocious insight into the rest of the itemization awaiting you, right? Thought not.

    What makes you think Icecrown will have same distribution of stats?
    Maybe that Hit you see on the trinket will be missing elsewhere...

    Please... leave Hysteria to the Blood DKs... :P
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    Re: Emblems of Frost Rewards

    Quote Originally Posted by Baenre
    I guess they gotta give us some kind of tanking stat since block is even more useless.
    afaik if they lowered the boss hits then block is more valuable

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    Re: Emblems of Frost Rewards

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    Re: Emblems of Frost Rewards

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    Re: Emblems of Frost Rewards

    As a druid tank that can't get into much 25man action:
    Thank you for the itemization on that cloak.
    None of the 10 man cloaks (well, apart from toc10 tribute chest) provide a decent upgrade over Durable Nerubhide Cape.

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