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    Re: is it fun to tank as paladin?

    imo, if you are a good player who likes a challenge, then go prot.

    Alot of people will say it's easy, because it is, but then imo every class / spec is easy.

    Tanking in general, is imo the most rewarding of all roles within a raid, and you feel a true part of the raid and crucial to it's success.

    Holy you get soo caught up in lifebars that you don't actually get to see much of the content.

    Ret is soo lacking in responsibility that you'll bore yourself to death, it's heaps of fun on farm content since you can compete on dps meters, but progression you have very limited impact on the success or failure of the raid, and thus you feel insignificant (because you are insignificant)

    Prot however, you have huge responsibility, if you screw up the raid screws up. If you are good, you can not only control your performance but that of the raid aswell, since you are the one who is in control.

    For myself, I enjoy being in control and having an impact on the raid's performance. The amount of times, while on my alts, I have raged to myself about how we'd never be wiping if I was on my pally.

    Also besides that, prot as a pally is fun, you are a god of soloing, you can solo what other tanks can't even solo! It might not be quick, but you'll do it. If you goto a battleground in your pve gear, you won't just instantly fall over dead, you'll survive and smash face while you do it.

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    Re: is it fun to tank as paladin?

    Quote Originally Posted by Yellowbull
    I did pally tanking , pre the major super boost we got in TBC.

    And tbh, it was more fun back then as you had a hard time , all the time.

    Now you have an easy time, all the time.

    But idd , try it out. still fun but i (have no idea but i think) its alot like warr and druid tanking now. ^^
    I bet you were a Blood elf in Pre-BC too right?

    If you tanked Pre-BC you were a terrible player. Not only were we not designed for it. But we had no real skills for it. Hell in BC we were not supposed to even use Avengers Shield because it had a cast time.
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    I [opinion] [cataclysm feature] and you should to. Anything who disagrees with me that [cataclysm feature] is [opinion] is a big [insult].
    I asked all of my friends and they all agreed with me that [cataclysm feature] is as [opinion] as it is possible to be.
    Blizzard are so [opinion], what [compliment/insult]s they all are!

    There, now we can stop posting new topics in the Cataclysm forum altogether.
    And if you disagree with me you're an [insult].

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    Re: is it fun to tank as paladin?

    Pally tanking is fun.

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    Re: is it fun to tank as paladin?

    I recently specced protection and I'm enjoying it quite a bit. I've played a combination of ret and holy specs since retail, but prot gave me a world of new challenges. Gearing up, specs, glyphs, stats, positioning, learning encounters from a new perspective etc.

    I genuinely enjoy my prot spec, however I've never played any of the other classes, so I'm quite inexperienced in that regard.

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    Re: is it fun to tank as paladin?

    I've been through every specc on my paladin and if I'm going to be honest every spec have to much of the;
    "button 1", "button 2", "button 3", "button 4", "button 1" etc..
    The one that have the most variation is the tanking, not as much as the warriors but still most of the paladin specs.
    I laid my paladin on ice and only raid with him and hopes for some fun upgrades in cataclysm but that's my opinion of paladins atm.

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    Re: is it fun to tank as paladin?

    I've tanked as paly alot, and i love it :P Its very easy and entertaining.. Go for it.
    And also, gearing up is more fun as a tank, the way you notice your HP going up every new item you get

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