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    Total Paladin /facepalm Moments?

    I'm actually curious if any other paladins have had massive facepalm moments while playing WoW.

    I form a hCoS group, trying to get the shield, again. Everything's going perfectly fine, as usual, and then my latency shoots to 5k. I don't know why, but nothing fixed it. So I just rolled with it. Then after Meathook was dead, on the next group, 2 of the zombies got loose and ran after the healer...

    So, naturally, I target her, and go to click righteous defense. *meow* My cat jumps on the computer table, and walks over my keyboard. The worst possible button it could press?

    Divine. Intervention.

    Now, you may be asking why it's even bound. My prot bars used to be my holy bars, and I didn't bother rebinding them, as I tend to click while doing things other than healing. (Do not post something about me being a clicker, I can and will report the post for trolling )

    So, all of the sudden, I'm dead, and the healer is in a protective bubble. The DK DPS dies almost instantly, and the hunter starts running for it, but to no avail. The shadow priest survives with Dispersion, but dies shortly after.

    I apologize the entire run, and still felt guilty (And was laughing half the time). Best part? Death Knights dies again. I forgot to reactivate Righteous Fury after the death. Upside? The DK was in ToC25 gear, and was doing 800 dps. So, the hunter whispers me saying "Good Riddance" XD

    So yea, any other paladins just have an off day and cause total >_< moments? (Keep in mind, all this happened while I was lagging like crazy XD)

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    Re: Total Paladin /facepalm Moments?

    My account's inactive now, I just check on this site out of habit and curiosity of what's being done with the game.

    Anyway, back before Ulduar killed my guild (part of the reason I quit), I was running as Prot and we were trying that dragon fight. Something starts going screwy with my keyboard, it's spazzing out and sending the signal that [alt] is constantly being pressed. I try to tell my guild what's going on over vent, but no one can hear me. So then I type it in raid chat, but no one paid attention to raid chat. So I just move my main hot-keys into the Alt row and deal with it...

    Or at least I would if I didn't tab-target almost everything.

    We wiped, a few times, before there was a decent break where I could try to figure out what was going on. A computer reset fixed the rebellious keyboard issue, and I even figured out what was wrong with my Vent. It's hard for the mic to pick up what you're saying when it's not plugged in. -_-

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    Re: Total Paladin /facepalm Moments?

    I had just hit 80 on my Ret Pally. I got bored with money and such so I had already duel spec'd holy. Since my main's a rogue I have no desire to dps on my Pally. Decided to go healing full time.

    So about a week later we're running H ToC and I'm trying to figure out why I can't keep this tank up. I'm spamming holy light and I still can't keep him up. He starts saying I suck, I armory him and notice he's not even def capped so I started saying stuff back. Eventually the group disbanded.

    Turns out I was using Holy Light rank 10 (13 is top rank). Since I'm not used to having multiple spell ranks, I assumed when I learned a new rank it updated it on my action bar. I felt like an ass. Critting heals for 8k at 80 and thinking it was

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    Re: Total Paladin /facepalm Moments?

    Tanking without RF on several times and using d-sac without bubble on mimiwipe, hodir etc (gcd ftw).

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    Re: Total Paladin /facepalm Moments?

    My friend's guild needed another healer for their 10 man ToC so I asked if they needed me, and they said sure. So we zone in and buff up and start up on the first boss. At the same time Im whispering my friend about stuff and forget to change my key binding for BoP off of Shift+R and accidently BoP the tank, wipping the raid. I couldn't believe what just happened, and I whisper my friend "You know YOU wiped us" and my friend was like LOLOLOOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL.

    The RL (who was also the GM) started nerd raging on vent and it got bad fast, but we ended up one shooting everyone boss afterward.

    Since then the GM refuses to ask me to heal for them when they're short healers, even though my friend asks every time, saying I'm the worse pally he's ever seen (even though I was putting out the highest HPS.) Eh, some people.

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    Re: Total Paladin /facepalm Moments?

    While tanking a Sarth 10 man 3d zerg, we got sarth down to about 400k and I accidentally salvation'd myself, lost aggro to a lock and he breathed or cleaved everyone.

    My friend still won't let me down on that one.
    Quote Originally Posted by Scythax
    As an Australian I once had this happen to me, no joke. Had to say in raid chat to my guild 'Shit brb a kangaroo just jumped through my window' which it did. Glass, blood and a terrified Kangaroo were all over my bed in the other room, I had to wrestle the thing out my front door :-\

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    Re: Total Paladin /facepalm Moments?

    only recently, and about 5 months after I turned 80, I noticed that on my bars, I still have all the low rank blessings. thank god I buff with pallypower in raids.
    I noticed it when I had two BoW on me in a toc 5 man heroic group with three paladins.

    also I leveled as ret, my dual spec was holy, so I healed every dungeon, and did questing as ret. I noticed very late that on my holy spec, on my bars I was still using the slow 60% mount instead of the 100% one

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    Re: Total Paladin /facepalm Moments?

    i actually do this a lot. Im prot/ret and one of my keybinds is to put on RF. And there are sometimes where i will hit this button by accident. The tanks arent able to hold aggro. Especially the new 80 ones in heroic. and im sitting in my chair like wtf cant this tank hold any aggro. Takes me thru half the instance to realize i have RF on. i dont tell the rest of the party :P

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    Re: Total Paladin /facepalm Moments?

    Went to sleep while mt healing Prince Mal back in tbc...face was literally in my palm.
    I quit the game, and this happens:
    "You can now mount while under the skeleton effect of the Noggenfogger Elixir!"
    Are you effing kidding me?!?!
    Remember 3.0.......

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    Re: Total Paladin /facepalm Moments?

    I'm prot mainspec and ret off.
    When we went for hodir I tend to go ret seeing as the warrior tank has the full FR set.

    So I start swinging at him with my awesome new UI and gear (just got a few upgrades) and after some lucky clouds and beams I start noticing I'm quite high on threat... I try to find salvation on my new bars, go for it (was bound to - or something so I reckoned I could just click it), missclick and taunt the boss T_T HoR was right next to it and the icon's color is about the same
    At least it learned me to stop clicking certain skills XD

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    Re: Total Paladin /facepalm Moments?

    I have wiped groups so many times for simply forgetting RF. In fact it has become common place for everyone to whisper me and ask if I have it turned on(they can see if I do or not... but they still whisper). So I got tired of it, made the RF button it's own bar and made the icon take up a portion of my screen a little bit bigger then the mini map.

    I still forget to click it sometimes =/.

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    Re: Total Paladin /facepalm Moments?

    I used turn evil on one of the first mobs in the Military wing of Naxx, he made a bee line for the next room. I bubbled and ran out.
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    Re: Total Paladin /facepalm Moments?

    So im healing a Htoc with some guildies, the tank is a DPS specced DK with some random tanking gear, and pvp gear, but mostly still DPS gear. Its really nice gear though so it is going fine. I throw up beacon and sacred shield then he runs in, I start spamming holy light (they did a lot of damage to him when there was all 3 up) and for the life of me had no idea why the tank kept dipping low... I was like WTF I cant heal! Then i noticed my holy lights were hitting for like 3.5k non crits. I was like... I know i have low spellpower due to the fact this is a new alt but really? Do i have a lower skill rank or something? I checked for divine plea, maybe somehow it was up despite me not pressing the keybind, and I cant for the life of me figure out why I was healing so little. Just as the tank is gonna die, I finally find out... I had been spamming flash of light this whole time instead of holy light. So I quickly holy shock and start spamming holy light for realz this time, and the tank finally is topped off and go through the rest of the instance without a hitch. Except for the 1 part where I started to tell my party about how I was spamming the wrong spell, and zoned out a bit and once against started spamming FoL WHILE telling them I was spamming FoL accidentally earlier. Amazing video of 60+ devilsaurs raiding Undercity!

    My God, what a horrible creation. People seeing what they want? Thank God they tried to shy away from that. I know it pisses me off when I'm in an heroic raid, yet in the back of my head all I can think is 'some casual player is playing a heroic dungeon and not wiping.' -Vodkarn

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    Re: Total Paladin /facepalm Moments?

    I just found out what Divine Protection was after months of tanking at 80. /facepalm

    In my defense Ive been playing since vanilla

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    Re: Total Paladin /facepalm Moments?

    I still remember (And I bet a few others here like Brightstar) when you crit mobs in the Instructor Raz fight with Judgement of the Marytr for over 100k, and them commit suicide

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    Re: Total Paladin /facepalm Moments?

    everytime someone asks me to try to tank/abosrb damage in ret cause we have a bad tank... i just die a little inside or they ask me to do more then flash of light heal :'(
    I'm glad to have multiple personalities, if i didn't i would be talking to myself, and that's just insane.

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    Re: Total Paladin /facepalm Moments?

    martyr on prince

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    Re: Total Paladin /facepalm Moments?

    Accidentally hit Divine Intervention keybind instead of my Hand of Freedom bind in the middle of a ToGC25 Faction Champs.... lol

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    Re: Total Paladin /facepalm Moments?

    we were running ToC 25 a couple of weeks ago and i handt raided for a while,
    so anywayz, we were aat first fight and i was had to pull of aggro of tank because of the debuff.
    so i get the signal over vent and target the main tank, guess wich button i hit.........


    so i was out and i bubbled the other tank
    ><gogo wipe><

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    Re: Total Paladin /facepalm Moments?

    I have Divine Intervention well separated from other abilities, with empty slots on the toolbar on both sides. However, for this particular Kara run I had dragged a spell I rarely used to one of the empty slots. You may guess what happened soon after.

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