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    Re: Shadowmourne

    I still think they should have it MC permanently on Equip, forcing the wielder's toon to wander aimlessly around icecrown as punishment for thinking they could have such a ridiculously OP wep.
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    Re: Shadowmourne

    Quote Originally Posted by whetherman

    ^This. Pisses me off. Show DPS casters some love.

    Forgot to add Corrupted Ashbringer(should be considered legendary) and Val'anyr-for healers

    But yeah, the point remains. wut.The fuck.
    2h legendary, tank legendary, caster legendary, melee DPS legendary, hunter legendary, healer legendary,

    and now we have a 2h legendary again? By rights casters should have to wait for tanks to get another.. be glad you get to cut ahead at all.

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    Re: Shadowmourne

    Shadowmourne is going to be so powerful that anyway one gets it is going to pwn evurthang.

    ...An Arms Warrior with Shadowmourne? Omg... I might as well /cower and hearthstone!

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    Re: Shadowmourne

    Shadowfrost Shard
    Binds when picked up its for roll/bid DKP or it loot only who have that Quest?

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