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    Gear help

    So I know that shadow priests have relatively low dps, but I'm beginning to think mine is unusally low. I can manage to put out 4-4.5K dps in 25-man raids, and I dunno what I should have. Here is my armory:

    I know I have extreme amounts of hit, and I'm working on getting rid of it. My bracers are also god awful (bracers never drop for me in ToC10/25 :<), but I don't want to think that this is what's making my dps low as I myself think my gear is getting pretty decent overall. Except for the ridiculous overcapping of hit.

    My rotation goes (at start of fight): VT -> MB -> DP -> MF -> SW:P, and then I usually go MB -> MF x 2 -> MB -> MF x2 -> MB...exchanging one MF for refreshing VT and DP when needed. I squeeze in SW whenever I have time, and try to time my Shadowfiend with Heroisms for a tiny tiny bit of extra dps. So, yeah, am I doing something wrong? Should I try to get more haste perhaps? Any pointers would be appreciated.

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    Re: Gear help

    From looking at your gear, I would say that the dps you are putting out is fairly decent depending on your raid setups.

    If you have lovely caster buffs then I reckon you should be able to pop over 5k depending on the fights.

    As most threads like this, I will say to read worshakas sticky on shadow as it does have all the best information.

    One thing I am confused about is when you said 'I squeeze in SW whenever I have time'. SW as it is, shouldnt be used very often, only in the case when you have just over a GCD until MB can be cast and when no dots are needing renewed. Even then I tend to put down a MF2 as it seems to normally increase dps more than a SW would.

    I can't remember the exact numbers for haste, but just now are you able to fit in 2 full MFs in a MB CD without clipping?

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    Re: Gear help

    Usually I can fit them without clipping, yeah. Might need a little little bit more haste though, because sometimes I miss.

    What I meant by that "when I have time" is that if I have to move for some reason on a boss fight, I try to cast a SW while running.

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    Re: Gear help

    definetly lose some hit :P

    rest of gearing is kindof a personal choice.
    i have only 20.4% crit, but 600 haste, and i tend to throw in 3 MFs be4 i MB. some ppl might say otherwise, but for me its working.
    single-target i now push 6.2-6.5k dps. i dont exactly know what makes it that much higher than urs though.

    some small personal things i do: i start with VT MB DP MF.

    then i check tinycasterstats, i have the same trinkets as u, and when i see not both of em procced, i throw in a SWD for that extra proc chance, if it doesnt work, too bad. but sometimes the trink procs on that SWD, and i have 600 extra sp for my swp the entire fight.
    also, pop shadowfiend at the start of the fight for extra dps, u dont need the mana, and this way u can use it again later in the fight.

    and rly practice the art of "near-clipping"ur dots. Get forteXorcist and quartz. and make sure u perfectly time ur refreshing, i think this is whats causing the dps difference.

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    Re: Gear help

    Read the shadowpriest DPS 101 thread, its what it's there for.

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    Re: Gear help

    @ original poster

    I have a similar gear level to you and can reach just short of 6k dps on single-target fights like Koralon, but that lowers to anywhere between 4.7 to 5.2k on those fights with a lot of movement and/or switching of targets.

    You have higher spellpower (2624 vs 2473) and crit (25.37% vs 21.89%) but I have a lot more haste (275 vs 578). I didn't intentionally choose haste over crit, it just seems to be on most spriest gear that I see. As mentioned above, your hit seems insanely high, is your guild giving priority to healers on cloth gear without hit?

    I don't know if this is something you specifically went for, and they may be very good, but your trinkets are of the 'chance to proc' variety whereas I went for Illustration of the Dragon Soul and Eye of the Broodmother. Together these give me a constant 325 spellpower increase after the first 10 'hits'. Breaks in casting does cause this increase to disappear but it soon cranks up again thanks to MF.

    The thing is, the top slice of your dps relies on what your colleagues are doing (or not doing perhaps). Has the raid leader configured the groups optimally, are there conflicting/wasted raid buffs, are people (including you) slow to remove your debuffs, are you having to step in and shield yourself, having to run with the tank who is moving for no reason, etc. It can all put a hefty dent in your dps.

    Equally, are you making good use of potions and shadowfiend, and are you watching your cooldowns properly. Replacing one MF in your 'rotation' for both VT and DP might be optimal for you given your haste, but could it be more optimal to have MB > VT > MF > DP instead of MB > MF > VT > DP. In other words, is VT or DP sat there idle while you fire off a MF straight after MB? These are things that I've improved on recently and my dps has increased noticably.
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