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    spriest help

    For starters id like to say i know there are alot of posts about spriest's needing help, ive read alot but could still use a bit. i read Tor something's shadow priest dps 101 post and found it very helpful but still had a few questions.

    For starters a wotlk updated spread sheet would be nice. i cant seem to find one that isnt for back in TBH. also was curious about stat priority order, or at what crit % or haste% i should start stacking something else?

    all help is appreciated thanks in advance!

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    Re: spriest help

    There is no set rules about stat priority... it's a lot more complex than that and it's going to change depending on your access to gear, current gear setup, raid synergy and how effective your playstyle is.

    I'd simply follow the BiS gear thread at to begin with. When you feel more advanced you will be able to make these types of gear decisions for yourself, eg. You'll decide to prioritise some crit over haste, or use Eye of the broodmother instead of Illustration of the Dragonsoul because the encounters you are doing have too much down time and keeping stacks up is getting too difficult.

    I recently dropped 60 haste to wear an upgrade and in target dummy parses found that I lost 100-200 DPS from it. Turns out that at around 17-18% haste it's a lot easier to clip MF at 2 ticks (when required) than it is at 15%. However when raid buffed I get 5% from wrath of air totem so I knew while my unbuffed DPS would take a hit my raid DPS would increase. These things can't be generalised in a format you are after, you just need to have the experience to understand those types of gear changes yourself.

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    Re: spriest help

    makes sense ty... your spell rotation priority guide really helped me alot btw

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    Re: spriest help

    ok i seem to have hit a wall. i dont know if its my gear but i feel like i should be doing more dps. so far i havent been able to get past about 3k on a target dummy which seems really wrong.

    Here's my armory
    i know im missing shoulder enchant, working on lvling inscription for it.

    point out any glaring flaws, i know my enchants and gems are not top notch yet but i was trying to wait till i got gear that seemed to warrent that amount of gold.
    be brutal, be honest, any help is appreciated

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    Re: spriest help

    Actually, with your current gear and stats, 3K DPS on a dummy isn't bad at all.

    Keep in mind that Shadow Priests scale tremendously with raid buffs, especially CoE, Moonkin Aura, BoK, et cetera. Therefore, your "dummy DPS" is just a shadow of what you could potentially pull in a raid encounter.

    If you're pulling 3K self-buffed like you are against a non-debuffed boss dummy, then you're on the right track. You'll see this number go up almost exponentially with every upgrade you get at this point.

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    Re: spriest help

    thanks for the vote of confidance... im coming from a rather geared hunter and it feels like im just not critting at all after having the wall of crits on my hunter... that being said switching my mains is making me feel for all spriests ive ever raided with. this shit is hard but o so much more fun than banging my head on the keyboard.

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