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    Bartender4 & ButtonFacade conflict

    when using skins in BF that constrain the viewing area of spells or actions button facade works fine, but then i used some state configurations in bartender to keep my bars down to a minimum for more play area real estate.

    but after i made those adjustments in bartender when i use the adjacent state modifier key such as CTRL, ALT, or Shift the buttons now show the full scale icon which goes outside of the perimiter of the button facade mask.

    i took a snapshot of before, during and after using the state configuration button.

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    Re: Bartender4 & ButtonFacade conflict

    after more testing today i also notice that using cast sequence macros with the "?" image which cause the macro to show the next spell in the sequence also cause this "outside the frame" effect as i have now dubbed it, but not to the whole bar this time just the button on which the macro is bound. so I'm beginning to think that it's something to do with button facade...can anyone help?

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    Re: Bartender4 & ButtonFacade conflict

    Better ask BF or BT dev's. ???

    My english was bad, but since I left EU for my own loc. server it become even more bad. Sorry for leaving You, EU :P

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    Re: Bartender4 & ButtonFacade conflict

    yea i registered where the BF dev team seems to be most active hopefully we can figure this out in a day or two

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