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    Holy DPS tree

    Some one posted on the forums about giving classes 4 trees which got me thinking. what would priest get? and i figured a Holy DPS tree

    So i decided to build a Holy DPS for Priest. i figured since Shadow priest have Replenish and stuff we would make Shadow a PVE dps and Holy the PVP spec so it is more PVP based, but tell me what you think. i had a lot of fun making it. hope you guys enjoy it and yes some things were taken off of other trees and such and some spell are based off of other trees spells.

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    Re: Holy DPS tree

    Won't happen, they can't balance 10 classes with 3 trees... and if you had 4 trees, how are you going to fit 40 specs into 25 raid spots...

    Waste of energy i'm afraid.

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    Re: Holy DPS tree

    Why do some people want a DPS Holy so much? If they gave HPriest a viable dps holy, the pallys will want it do. Do you want a ret with the mana and healing of Holy? I just do not want to go down that raod at all.

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    Re: Holy DPS tree

    Stupid ideas just don't die.

    Banned. Venara

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    Re: Holy DPS tree

    I know the 4th tree would never happen because it would take WAY TO MUCH balancing. but it was just for fun and a fun idea if we were to get one.

    And IF we were to get a 4th tree its not that i want a HOLY dps tree but what else would we get? we already have 2 holy healing trees, what are you going to choose a Shadow healing tree? so if priest were to get a 4th tree it would probably be a DPS tree (and i figured holy) so i made one, and thought i had come up with some cool talents, id spec this tree if it was here.

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    Re: Holy DPS tree

    I just took a whirl on the tree and nearly fainted thinking about having to deal with this guy in PvP... how, the hell, would you kill it? slightly op :P

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    Re: Holy DPS tree

    lol it is slightly OP Which is why it is fun =-)

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    Re: Holy DPS tree

    Horribly OP tree. Fail on many levels.

    No more trees please. Can't balance what we have.

    If you want to DPS as Holy roll a Ret Paladin.

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