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    Re: Need pvp spec advice.

    Quote Originally Posted by Proletariat
    So by your logic, all druids should stop buffing Thorns in PvP, and all paladins should never put up Retribution Aura. Okay then Worshaka

    You're overvaluing both dispel mechanics and DA here. Silent Resolve provides 30% dispel resistance, and most of the time your buffs are either gonna be removed anyways, or your opponent won't have the time to purge everything (unless it's a 1v1 situation, which you yourself in your post just poo poo'd). BG isn't like 2v2, where having the dispel miss, wasting the other player's gcd/mana, and buying you extra time is worth something. In BG, dispelling is useful sometimes but using 3 points for a minor dispel protection is pretty much never worth it. DA bubbles, at 15% crit will give you a 1.2-1.3k absorb less than every 2 Penance casts , and if you're healing in a environment such as Battlegrounds that little soap bubble isn't going to be worth anything at all, and is rather a complete waste of 3 points. It's a good talent for arenas sure, since it provides extra mitigation and longevity, but honestly even there games are almost never won because your DA absorbed a killing blow or something.

    I'm not telling him to soloing everything in a BG, but the fact remains that most of the players won't be peeling you off. You can't tank the warrior beating on you forever. You can have your 1k bubble once in a blue moon and I'll take my 3k damage to the war, and we'll see who finishes the fight faster Rather than tank the dude, kill him and hey look, I'm surviving cause the warrior's dead and I'm not taking damage.
    First of all, you seem to be underestimating dispel mechanics. If you PW;S yourself and a decently geared enh shaman dispels it the first time you’re dead. It will not happen most of the time if you are buffed and have dispell resistance. Pluss it stacks with Pain supression. If you do not have it, there is a 35% chance your Pain supression could get dispelled and I've seen it happen and done it myself. There are plenty of BG's where an experienced player who has dispel will dispel you hard, and in those cases you will never be able function. Ever. You need dispel resistance for PvP, the end.

    In BG's I did say you should never 1 vs 1, but in most cases it more like 3 vs 1 you being the 1. You are the healer, you are what people train on and like you said nobody is going to peel for you. So that little bubble, is better then the 3k damage spread out to 3 people kicking your ass.

    Even if you did get into a 1vs1, any geared warrior is not going to die from the extra 3k damage before you die because odds are you do not have all your cool downs. Even if you do manage to kill him once, the next time you engage in a fight, for there will be a next time, you will have 0 cool downs for anything or any class. The objective of a BG healer is not to do damage, or burst, or anything other than live and heal. Because you have no peels, you have no coordination and people do not care about you. They ignore you and expect that you just spam your heals until you die. Survivability is > damage for BG healers. What happens when its a dps hitting you and he has a healer on him? Congrats! You now have a worthless talent as any hot or any one heal counters your 3k damage as if nothing happened. You have now gimped your survivability for a talent that does nothing. Congrats you are an idiot.

    Lastly if you have a 15% chance to crit your penance has an almost 20% chance to crit with talents, plus any buff that you get like kings, intellect and focus magic will inc your crit even more. As you play through your bg's and get gear you will have, with the crit talent, about a 21% crit and a 25% crit chance on your penance and flash heal. Also the individual ticks of penance can crit so it gives you a better chance to proc DA. Not having it is just flat out stupid. DA is the reason most priests live when healing themselves in any sort of pvp situation. Unless your gear is the best of the best and their gear is not you will not function well without DA. If it is the case the you extreamly outgear the dps then you could have no talents and still win.
    When people say "pls" just because its shorter then "please", I feel totally justified to say "No" just because its shorter then "Yes".

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    Re: Need pvp spec advice.

    Oh wow alot of replays Anyway i went with the first build that was posted by the person under my post. it works really well for the most part and i do use mass dispel alot. As for reflect shield i dont really think its that useful.... Also i have about 1000 res atm and i still have 20% crit. i can deal with most class's easly keeping pws + dots on rogues and spamming holy nova makes short work or most rogues ive ran into.

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    Re: Need pvp spec advice.

    I actually strongly prefer 54/17 for BGs, purely because your chances to do what the spec is good at will come up even more often then when running RMP. Have fun with the 6k crits on idiots in PVE gear. :P

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