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    Re: Gnome Or Human For PvP

    I've always loved my gnome lock as affliction pvp I can definitely state that mobility is one of the greatest assets along with LoS. when a DK uses chains you can use escape artist when you get snared + LoS you use it. Really useful imo. One extra trinket isnt much of a benefit. The increased stealth detection is useful but you are still going to be roguebait no matter which way you look at it.

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    Re: Gnome Or Human For PvP

    go go human their trink was made for pvp and saves you te time of farming a med. of the alli
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    Re: Gnome Or Human For PvP

    Quote Originally Posted by eddiii
    personaly i went gnome from ele shamy and rogue donno maybe cause they r cooler and they have better racials than humans (went engenier to) and they r way harder to target
    that should not be an issue if u use gladius
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