Thread: BiS gear list?

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    BiS gear list?

    Is there any guides or lists available atm?
    Like the one that was on
    or the on but for healing gear?

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    Re: BiS gear list?

    When it comes to healing, it is extremely hard to create a 'BiS' list.

    This is because healing is about personal style, some people like stacking haste on their gear, some like crit etc.

    It is easier with shadow because the dps can actually be measured, healing can not.

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    You see, there's this thing called "aggro". It's a very complicated, very technical roleplaying expression.
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    Re: BiS gear list?

    Take any BiS "list" with a grain of salt. It might be Best in Slot for someone, but not for you. Your raid comp could require you to need more regen, or more crit suit your playstyle a little better. Does your raid comp run with an extra healer, or do you need more sustainability or thoroughput? Just because someone can put rudimentary values to stats and look at gear that will give them the most of these values, it doesn't mean squat all.

    My suggestion, go spend a couple hours in Atlas loot, taking a look from where you're standing now and how you want to change both your gear and your playstyle to go with it, and build your own BiS list. This stuff isn't like a DPS set, and shouldn't be treated as such.
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