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    is it possible to graph/extract auctioneer prices?

    i want to know if it is possible to extract price data from the auctioneer addon and put it into a graph.

    the reason why i want to do this, is (of course) to make gold. more specifically, i want to see what the fluctuation is for certain products, and when the best time to sell a certain product is. if, for instance, infinite dust is worth 3G on wednesdays and 5G on sundays (for instance, could be different), it could be worth it to buy it on wednesdays and repost it on sundays.
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    Re: is it possible to graph/extract auctioneer prices?

    On my server it's you can sell the dusts for 5-6g on Wednesdays and the rest of the week 3-4G
    btw im sure it is possible to do what you want, as afterall ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE!

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    Re: is it possible to graph/extract auctioneer prices?

    Auctioneer saves the data in a text file that's in your WTF\Account\Server\SavedVariables folder. If you can figure out how they're doing it, I'm sure it'd be possible to graph it.
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