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    Bartender4 error

    hello i've been having a problem where my bar 1 is like "cloning" bar 2

    bar 1 takes on all the spells that bar 2 has

    when i place a spell on bar 1 it puts it on bar 2 aswell

    i ended up just disabling bar 1 and using bar 10 as my new "bar 1"

    anyone have this error or something i did wrong?

    i also am confused because it happend mid questing i wasn't even modifying anything

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    Re: Bartender4 error

    I would guess that you have, at some point, pressed Shift-2. Bar 1 can be changed to show bar 2 in the default UI by the hotkey Shift-2. In bartender these can be split apart but accessed as normal. Try pressing Shift-1, otherwise I'm not sure what the problem is.

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    Re: Bartender4 error

    Hold down shift, and press the up arrow. You'll be fine.

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